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Jun 9, 2012 09:24 AM

Kitchen 4140

This place is in a rather obscure spot, just below the Bay Ho condos on the west side of Morena Blvd. in a strip of industrial buildings. With high ceilings, inside dining can get rather loud but certainly doesn't rival a Friday night at Slater's 50/50. The outdoor dining is a mixture of picnic tables, concrete built-in tables, and bistro tables and chairs. They grow some of their own vegetables and herbs - as one who gardens, it's always a plus for me to see that.

On to the food. My partner opted for the beer braised bone-in short ribs, which came with garlic smashed potatoes. Very tender, and very flavorful. I ordered the grilled shrimp with spinach pappardelle, and especially loved the mix of baby pattypan squash, young carrots, heirloom tomatoes, and roasted garlic. It was served with a piece of lightly toasted cheese bread - very tasty. Instead of dessert, she ordered a cappuccino (which she said was perfectly made and she's a coffee aficianado) and I had vanilla tea. They make their own rolled tea "logs" to fit the large cups in which they serve their hot drinks. They're also for sale at their counter.

Check this place out. Ample street parking. Great service. Really good food. And you can dine amongst the tomatoes, kale, and rosemary.

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  1. I'm old. I simply cannot remember restaurants who call themselves things like Table 432 or Kitchen 4140. So I likely will forget this place exists even though the location is interesting and the concept is more creative than the restaurant's name. Please restauranteurs: give your restaurants a name that says something. It is the greatest marketing tool you will have. (ie: Underbelly, Craft + Commerce, Whiskanladle, Mr A's. . .) What a missed opportunity. THE BAY HO.

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      Gosh, it is located at 4140 Morena Boulevard. The name doesn't seen that difficult to me...

      1. re: svnirvana

        Agreed. Amazing the complaining over a name especially when that person it sounds hasn't even tried the place. You'd think the address number would make it easy even for the oldest geriactic patient to remember where it's located.

        At any rate, I checked 4140 out a couple weeks ago for lunch. Saw it on way to Costco and had never noticed it before. I guess they've been in business for almost 2 years and just started doing dinner. Had the smoked trout, scallops and ribeye. Very good, I'd come back for sure. For the location they were packed and for lunch no less, so I think that's a good sign. Nice patio on a sunny day. Downside: no booze but they mentioned a few times they have no problem you bringing in your own and not charging corkage. Overall, Solid place, strong seasonal cooking and reasonable prices. Worth checking out.

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          We went for dinner last night with another couple. The apps were ok - burrata was good but a little small and the grilled shrimp did not have quite the kick we thought they would. However the entrees were great - the shortribs were the true winners, with the shrimp and veggie papperdelle and duloc pork chop a close second/third. The place was packed for a Thursday night (we had reservations) but the tables seemed to turn over quickly. We were charged $8 corkage for our BYOWine. The service was also very good and our server was extremely knowledgable about each dish. Overall - two thumbs up - tasty food, with parking to boot.

      2. re: pickypicky

        The signage/logo is "Chef Kurt's Kitchen 4140". However the word 'kitchen' is in a GIANT font and the other words and number are, in comparison, very small. I would think it was a marketing decision to make the website (and therefore address) as simple and easy as possible to remember.

      3. The original comment has been removed
        1. Would you say that this Kitchen is 3 times the Kitchen of 1540?

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            Maybe not 3 times but 2.68 would be fair...

            1. re: mjill

              Pickypicky rounded up, but with a user name like, you'd think they'd have been more precise or at least have said "just about 3 times". :)

          2. If you didn't know that this place had been shut down for a few weeks, you'd never realize it. I had a enjoyable lunch there today and was very happy to see it back up and running -- with the same good food and service as before.