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Jun 9, 2012 09:24 AM

Pizza @ Fratelli La Bufala.

The pies look great, the wood burning oven and sullen pizzaiola seem authentic enough, but the crust is bland and soft, and the toppings won't stay on the slices.

Anyone been to Naples? Is pizza there really like this?

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  1. First time & last time, last night. Olive Garden in a suit. The crust was soggy, the sauce flavorless, and the pappardelle ragu was way off. Didn't expect awesomeness but for the price expected decent.

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      There is a chain of pizzerie called Fratelli la Bufala in Italy. I think of them as Salerno-based, but they do have branches in Napoli, and one in Milan -- and even one in Miami beach. I've never eaten at a single one of them because I don't much like pizza south of Rome, but if the one in NYC is part of the same chain, then I agree with alepenazzi that one should expect soggy, as this is the style for pizza around that particular mozzerella producing area of Italy.

    2. I love Fratellis pizzas and bolognese and salads and farro soup. Their pizza is "juicy" and olive-oily. And the service is usually incredible.

      1. Pizza in naples is not exactly like fratelli la bufala, but that being said pizza in naples is different from pizza in rome or in milan...

        It definitely is an italian pizza though. The crust shouldn't be crunchy or crispy, and a little bit of sogginess in the middle due to the juices of the mozzarella is normal.

        Personally I'm not a big fan of fratelli la bufala, the ingredients are good, but I found it "heavy" and overall not as good as the one from Keste, numero 28, Forcella or Sottocasa...