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Jun 9, 2012 09:24 AM

Savenor's Cubano - Wow!

I was just in the Cambridge Savenor's location (I don't regularly shop there, but I was picking up some rendered duck fat for fries with this evening's dinner), and I noticed they had a sandwich counter working. I am not sure if this is relatively new, or if I just hadn't noticed it before. I ordered their version of a cubano, called the Havana ($10.99) and I think it was better than any other cubano I have had. The sandwich traveled well and was still warm without the roll (Iggy's torta) being soggy when I got home 10 min later. It was an absolutely delicious and unexpected surprise. I will be back to try more of their sandwiches, including one with sliced house roasted prime rib.

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  1. Good to know since I'm in the area a lot. I noticed the sandwich counter the other day when picking up some of their wonderful Giannone chicken for the rotisserie. I was disappointed to see a sign advertising Boar's Head due to customer requests. Good to hear that they roast the beef in-house. I'm assuming the pork on the Cubano was house-roasted, yes?

    Looks like they cut the fish section to put in the sandwich bar and now just have a fish few selections.

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    1. re: bear

      Those chickens are awesome.

      Oh yes, house roasted pork shoulder and I can't recall the ham, but definitely delicious and not Boars Head They had 6-7 specialty sandwiches all with home made meats and ingredients. Each one sounded darn good.

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        Thanks, Gabatta. The Boar's Head is probably just for the deli customers, then. Can't wait to try the sandwiches...thanks for the heads-up.

      2. re: bear

        Fish there was overpriced, and they didn't do enough volume to keep it fresh. Glad it's gone!

      3. So adding this to the cubano research! Thanks for the Intel.. and I love me some prime rib so I guess I'll hafta try that one too! Bikini season be damned!

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        1. re: yumyum

          Just seeing the word bikini makes me shudder...Cubano here I come.

          1. re: bear

            I for one would like to see a bear in a bikini. Eating a cubano.

            1. re: Niblet

              Ha, not this bear! (Maybe 20 lbs. and 20 years ago...)

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            The sandwich was delicious, but not overly huge as to make you feel like a whale after eating it. As someone with no willpower to leave good food on my plate I appreciate more reasonable portions. However, some may not think it is a great value for $10. It's not enough for two people to split.

            1. re: Gabatta

              thanks for posting...I always thought the seafood section there was very sad. I don't go in often but live nearby and so will definitely stop in for a cubano. I was amazed to find palm sugar there once and snapped it up...need it for Indonesian cooking.

          3. I just read your post and while I haven't had this sandwich, I did google it because I'm always on the lookout for a good Cubano. For purists, it's not a true Cuban Sandwich. The ingredients, as listed on the web site, are: "House roasted ABF pork shoulder, Rovagnati Gran Biscotto Ham, Swiss cheese, sliced dill pickle, pickled red onion on sliced French bread with brush of spicy aioli and mustard butter."

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            1. re: SLL1065

              Yeah, but they don't call it a Cubano and Gabatta says it's awesome.

              1. re: SLL1065

                Had one this weekend. IMO it is stretching "cuban" even for a non-purist (i.e. me) but as has been mentioned it isn't even called a "cuban" anyways :)

                That said it was tasty as heck. The one deviation I'd give from Gabatta's original report is that my roll *was* a bit greasy/soggy by the time I ate it (10-15m) although I liked that so to me it was a positive :)

              2. Can I stop by later for the fries? fat.

                1. I can now confirm that the prime rib sandwich with horse radish sauce ($7.99) is also excellent.

                  There are 2 small sidewalk tables to eat at as well.

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                  1. re: Gabatta

                    Appreciate your research and reporting!