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Where should I eat softshell crab in Boston??

Hello All!

I just moved to Boston earlier in the year and I heard that it is softshell crab season? I love softshell crab! What restaurants serve up the yummiest versions?? Thank you in advance!

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  1. welcome to boston,

    i like going to the chinese fish in the tank restaurants such as east ocean

    a little off topic, but you can buy live soft shell crabs, marinate them for an hour or so in buttermild after dispatching them, put some flour on them and fry them; ( i used olive oil). I douse them in lemon juice and cayenne pepper.

    there are excellent fish mongers in the boston area including New Deal, Alive and Kicking, and Courthouse, which are all in Cambridge.

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    1. We had an excellent soft shell crab appetizer at East Coast Grill last night. Deep fried with a light coating and served with a relish of tomato, avacodo and red onion with a curry aoili.

      1. Courthouse seafood has a great inexpensive ssc sandwich.

        1. welcome to Boston and to ChowHound! For a fancy softshell crab, No. 9 Park is doing one this week-ish, fried over green garlic risotto. Call first; I think it was a special.

          1. Pescatore Seafood in Somerville had a special of two small ss crabs over lightly dressed arugula recently. Very crispy and a delicious combination.

            Hamersley's Bistro currently has them on the menu, but was not serving them last Saturday because they couldn't get them. I'm sure they would be fabulous, though.

            1. I can't definitely recommend the soft shell crab app at Lumiere. We had it tonight and it was delicious. It was served with a Thai sensibility, with lime, curry and peanuts. Yum!!

              1. XinhXinh in Chinatown has delicious softshell crab. Quickly fried, little bit of spice, very fresh.

                1. Season is probably ending soon, but I had a beautiful tapa of softshell crab fried in semolina batter with an Asian-inspired sauce on the side (ginger/soy, maybe?) at Tres Gatos.


                  1. The soft shell crab app (that can also be ordered as an entree) at Area Four is fantastic... That is it's fantastic as long as you're not seated next to a table with kids running into your table and squirting you with water from one of their toys as we were last night... I'm not bitter at all that those annoying kids ruined my meal. Really, I'm not.

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                      you didn't confront the parents or take the mngr aside? wow!

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                        Normally I would have said something. Unfortunately, the identity of the parents in this case made the situation quite awkward. Compound that with the fact that there were no other open tables and we had our dog so we couldn't sit inside.

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                        I also loved this dish (and had better behaved kids nearby who just complimented my hair).

                      3. Salt N Pepper SSC @ Best Little Restaurant, Hudson St, Chinatown

                        1. Strip T's(as a frequent special) , Oleana and Catalyst menus.

                          1. I think the season is just about over but when they re-open after the 4th give Tavolo in Dorchester a call---their chef is the only one in Boston that Ive found who can pan sautee a softy perfectly (call them to see if they have them in...they're only there on special). Everyone in boston deep fries them...i don't get it.

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                              you can also get them sauteed in ginger/scallion at Peach Farm... also in a steamed bun slider at Uni bar.