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Jun 9, 2012 07:53 AM

Il Ridotto--Venice

Here's a little review of our recent lunch.

The lunch: Beuatiful plating, fabulous quality ingredients, very nice service, beautiful china and fine Murano glasses BUT way too much salt! I like salt but the over kill really ruined the meal for us.

I had 2 appetizers--first langoustines with cauliflower puree and almonds:
This was really nice, langoustines cooked perfectly but the puree had very little flavor; more prominent was the olive oil, not complaining but...

Ken had the calamari fritti.
What a great presentation! The little sprigs of fresh oregano were perfect with the briefly cooked tomatoes and olives underneath.

Ken followed with orrechietti with asparagus and vongole veraci. The little pasta "ears" were home made with perfect texture, the asparagus was in shaved discs and the clams were fresh with ocean flavors but just a little too much salt.

Then the really bad dish: Scallops with carrots. Wish I had a photo. It was picture perfect on the plate. About 7 scallops with their roe, caramelized to a lovely light brown, the carrots were quartered lengthwise and laid on the plate with their tops. There was a slight hint of ginger on the sauce but each scallop was overwhelmingly salty. Boo! I tasted salt all day
Ken had a wonderful, generous serving of tiramisu and we both had coffee. We had 3 glasses of wine--one Prosecco, one delicious Franciacorta and one "Orto Venezia" malvasia.
The bill came to 128euros. A pretty expensive lunch.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. Been curious about Il Ridotto for quite sometime but just having been able to get my brain to say yes.

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      Any other don't miss selections in VCE?

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        Sorry that I can't think of any 'don't miss' restaurants in Venice.