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Vacation to Mont Tremblant

We are taking a few days from Boston to play golf in Mont Tremblant. Any great restaurants with local flavor, great food and reasonably priced?

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  1. seB -the only really good option in the area. Not inexpensive, but worth every penny (as opposed to the overpriced tourist traps in Tremblant Village...)

    1. Mont-Tremblant is not a notable foodie destination. However, here are some relevant threads


      If you have a car and it's later in the week (Thurs to Sun), you could also give Les Zèbres in Val David a try. (url? restaurantleszebres.com/laurentides)

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      1. There is really nothing great in the area. I am not a fan of Seb (suggested by cherylmtl) but people have spotted Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones there if that makes up for mediocre food(?) . The other suggestion, Les Zebres, isn't bad but a 40 minute drive from tremblant. Another okay choice if you will have a car is Lezvos in Ste. Agathe. A shorter drive than Les Zebres but there is a large terrace that overlooks the lake and perfectly sited to enjoy the sunset. They are known for simply grilled fresh fish. Also well-sited on the lake right at tremblant is the resto at Quintessence but it is pricey. Lower your foodie expectations while at Tremblant but maybe try to catch a good meal on the way through Montreal.

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          About the last thing I would call Seb is mediocre. Perhaps you've had bad meals there - I haven't. It gets a lot of love on this board, for good reason. Lezvos, on the other hand, is pretty ordinary IMHO. Wouldn't head out of my way to dine there.

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            Thanks for your suggestions...love the sunset idea

          2. I did not read the threads suggested by Snowpea and so my comments may already have been mentioned there...
            When people talk about Mont Tremblant, they generally mean the resort-style "village" situated at the base of the ski-mountain. This is truly tourist-centric and does not have very much Chow-wise. Sure theres plenty of restaurants (steak house/japanese sushi/maybe 3 pizza joints/poutine place/pita wrap joint/sports bar kinda place, etc etc), but they're generally corporate places to feed the masses.
            To get a more "realtime" experience, you might have to leave this village - though not necessarily as far as (IMO) Val David or St. Agathe.
            To add a bit of confusion is the melding of the nearby municipalities, where everything falls under the umbrella name of "Mont Tremblant".
            Nearby St. Jovite was, until a few years ago, autonomous. Now its called Mont Tremblant - but most everyone still calls it St. Jovite. Anyway, its a short ride away and you might have better finds here than the resort village.
            Yet, as Snowpea does say, generally, it is not a notable foodie destination

            1. been to SeB twice, was great both times. The second time they felt that they were too slow between appetizers and mains (30 mins maybe) even though we didnt notice, so they gave us dessert for free

              1. We were in Tremblant for the Blues festival this past weekend (it now lost its laissez-faire attitude on drinking in the streets. Everyone drinks out of coffee mugs now....what a sham, but I digress).
                As a diversion, we went fishing with a local guy, Sebastien. While on the lake, the young man mentioned that he and his wife opened Amerika in St. Jovite just 2 months before. We did not get to try it, but it does sound appealing; American BBQ and family run (the family has been in the restaurant business for years).
                the english option doesn't work, but the french does. Some items (lobster pogos, smoked tomato salad, etc) sound interesting. The photos perhaps, look a bit too upscale for a BBQ joint, IMO.
                SnackHappy, you'll be pleased to see pulled pork on the menu! {;-/)
                We don't get to Tremblant often, but I'd like to hear an opinion if anyone tries it.

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                  Just had dinner at Amérika. Great place!! If you're tired of overboiled textureless sticky sweet ribs, ,you have to try their baby backs. These people know how to smoke! Their appetizers are interesting and tasty, the mains are terrific and the desserts are fun. All with a very modest price with a nice bistro atmosphere. Good kids menu too! As compared to the other mediocre and often over priced places in Tremblant, this place is a find.

                2. If you just want something relatively casual but home-made, Cafe Ital-Deli (strange name), makes a good plate of pasta and/or veal. Not cheap at $20-$25, but a good sized portion cooked to order. Miles ahead of eating in the Intrawest compound.

                  Small menu, a few (typical) wines available. But quite good.

                  On the main street of the old village.