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Jun 9, 2012 06:51 AM

Il Garden, Cumpa Cosima - Ravello

Has anyone been to Il Garden? I've read reviews on other sites, but no recommendations here. Also - is Cumpa Cosima better for lunch or dinner?

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  1. I say Cumpa Cosimo for dinner because if you are in Ravello to revel in the views, Cumpa Cosimo doesn't have any, and nighttime views in Ravello are less spectacular than the daytime views anyway. But if you are only in Ravello for one meal and are trying to choose between the two, I don't know anything about Il Garden.

    1. I haven't been to Il Garden either, so can't compare the two, but would certainly agree with Barberinibee about the views. While I had a perfectly enjoyable dinner at Cumpa Cosimo in April, this is not a dining destination. The food is o.k.,but not great. Also, the atmosphere is one that you will either be charmed by or will hate--we had fun with it, but others might not.

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        I would go for the vegetable apps and pasta at Cumpa Cosimo - this is a homestyle restaurant and the dishes they do well are the local simple types.They will give you pasta combo plates (tris) so you dont have to choose, and you wont need any more. As in so many places in Italy the secondi (meats) are not going to be great, most likely. I cant count how many meat meals have disappointed over the years.
        We thought the welcome was genuine and enjoyed it, but some people could find it a little hoky. I was a bit touched that even tho these folks are deluged by tourists they still seem to have a welcoming spirit.

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            Thanks for the info. We're spending 4 nights in Positano and 2 in Ravello - it's so hard to decide... One night will definitely be at Il Rossellini's. Should the second be at Cumpa Cosima or somewhere else?

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              Ithink we've had recommendations for Da Salvatore in the past. as a casual alternative.

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                I'm not trashing Cumpa Cosima, just noting that it's not to everyone's taste. We had fun there. Also had dinner at Da Salvatore, which has a great view. As for the food, I had mixed feelings--I would vastly prefer a classic gnocchi preparation to one sauced with nuts and candied orange, although the veal cheeks served on the side in that dish were amazing. Da Vittoria would also be a good choice (though no view).

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                  yikes! did I miss an earlier report on this meal?

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                    Not your fault--I've been adding to it in bits and pieces and still haven't finished the last segment. The day job gets in the way sometimes. It's at

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                    I'll chime in to say that I'm one of those few people who didn't have fun there (Cumpa Cosima), but some of that was due to the small space being overwhelmed by someone else's birthday party that day and the place feeling sort of airless on an unseasonably warm afternoon Funnily enough, I had a classic gnocchi sorrentina at Cumpa Cosima, and was underwhelmed. (Definitely take jen's recommendation of a tris of pasta.)

                    Da Salvatore certainly sets out to be different. I still remember a carpaccio of salmon cured with orange rather than the ubitquitous Amalfi lemons, but I found the switch delightful. I also felt their meats were surprisingly good for that part of Italy. But my enjoyment may have been colored by the fact we actually stayed there (in the cheap rooms underneath the restaurant with the same fine views), so the family may have doted on us with house limoncello (excellent) and other treats. They were in the process of building a pizzeria on their terrace, and it looked to me like it would be a very lovely place to sit outdoors and eat simply while enjoying the views (if the pizzeria is open for lunch).

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                That pasta combo plate at Cumpa Cosimo was fantastic! I would call it a must have.

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                  Absolutely agree with Jen, having had lunch at CC last week.

              3. My wife and I are just back from 3 nights in Ravello where we went for the Pink Martini concert. Based on the reviews on this web site, we ate the first eve at Da Salvatore, and were singularly unimpressed. Based on this, we gave a miss to Da Vittoria and some others that get good reviews. After walking by them, they just seemed too touristy. Instead, we let our noses guide us and were extremely happy with our choices, so much so that we returned for a second meal at each: the restaurants in the Hotel Parsifal and the Sigilgaida at the Hotel Rufolo. (Usually, I have a bias AGAINST hotel restaurants, I should add.) Great views in each, easy to reach, excellent service, and of course, excellent food. Lunch about 80-90 euros for two at the Rufolo restaurant and 45-55 euros at the Parsifal for dinner. Make sure to speak to the maitre Salvatore at Rufolo and any of the 3 brothers or Rafaele (the cousin) at the Parsifal for very personal attention - for which the Parsifal is known.

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                  Thanks for the report back Giacomo - I can't believe Pink Martini was in Ravello! I love them and catch them every chance I get here in Portland!

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                    What did you eat in Ravello?

                    I don't think one should have a bias against hotel restaurants in Italy. They are sometimes the best restaurants in town.