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Jun 9, 2012 06:50 AM

Restaurants in Central Maryland

I've lived in Maryland for several years now but I still don't feel like I have a good group of go to restaurants in Central Maryland (the general area between 495/695 and 29/97). What are some good suggestions?

Some restaurants I have enjoyed:

-Less expensive: Honeybee Diner
-Expensive: Eggspectation

-Coal Fire
-Mama Lucia's

-Maiwand Kabob
-Mi Pueblo
-The Great American Steakhouse
-The Melting Pot

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    1. So basically, you mean the southern end of Baltimore County, Howard County, and the northeastern part of Montgomery and northwestern part Prince Georges of Prince George's and maybe a little bit of northwestern Anne Arundel? That's actually a pretty big area - it's about 21 miles between the two Beltways and about 15 or 20 miles between 29 and 97. And so it could be quite a long list, especially if you are willing to go a little bit inside the DC Beltway. It would be really helpful if you said where you are starting from and how far you are willing to travel. For instance, if you live in Columbia, it is a straight shot down 29 to Silver Spring and Ray's the Classics, Cubano's, and numerous other good restaurants. If you are further north, that probably isn't go to be in your regular "hey let's go out tonight" list. So if you could be a little more specific about your geographical people could be more helpful. Based on the fact that you've got Squisito as your pizza place, you could be in Glen Burnie, Hanover, Burtonsville, Crofton, Burtonsville, or Annapolis. And Honeybee Diner is in Glen Burnie.