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Jun 9, 2012 06:13 AM

Lighthouse Restaurant, Ft. Myers

Any thoughts? Thinking of sending mummy there for dinner with friends for her 70th bday.

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  1. does she live near there? It's very popular, but I am not sure why. Many people living in Shell Point go there. Can't ever remember it being mentioned here and while I have been there several times in the past two or three years, I can not remember anything from the menu as memorable. Great views of the marina there so the atmosphere would be fun.

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      Hmmm - no, she is in Ft. Myers with friends for a long weekend, and her birthday falls during that time. Her friends thought Lighthouse would be nice, as they do not know many other great restaurants nearby.

      1. re: Food on the brain

        They can spend about 15 min. more in the car and $6 for a toll and drive to Sanibel Island. I suggest Sweet Melissa's or Thistle Lodge. Both are excellent. The Thistle Lodge is a historic home and they can see sunset from there. Food is very good. If food is the most important for this meal, Sweet Melissa's is outstanding and can compete with most big city top places.

        I've had some of my best meals there but Thistle Lodge is lovely and has a great sense of place. Both would be memorable. The Lighthouse has a cougar bar however, if they are looking for a more "hot in Cleveland" experience. This time of year though, with the snow birds having flown the coop, pickings are probably slim. LOL I'm only 4 years younger than your Mom, so this is not some young person's perspective. LMF