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Jun 8, 2012 10:43 PM

Pls help! Best gourmet uncrowded restaurants near Barrington & Olympic...tomorrow! Any cuisine!

Can anyone pls recommend an uncrowded restaurant around Barrington & Olympic for tomorrow (Saturday lunch)?

Japanese would be great. Most sushi places I checked aren't open for lunch xcept Hidei. Would love to go to Hidei if folks think it won't be packed.

Many thanks!

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  1. How close to Barrington does it need to be? Would Sawtelle and Olympic be too far, only because you mentioned Japanese? If it were a weekday, I'd say Morinoya, but unfortunately it's not open for lunch on weekends.

    There's a cluster of restaurants at Barrington and Gateway south of Olympic, (Asianya, Tlapazola Grill), but I'm not sure how quiet they are for lunches.

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    1. re: PeterCC

      Thanks much! for ur insights!

      Yea, issue is sound...but I will keep those other places in mind on Olympic. Was just referred to Le Saigon.

      Sawtelle is close. My friend warned that Sawtelle is chaos on the weekends & yea, most good sushi places aren't open!

      1. re: tsomoyog

        Le Saigon's never been quiet to me, but then I think I've only been there on the weekends in the evenings.

        Hide Sushi is decent on-a-budget sushi, on Sawtelle, is open for lunch. When I've been there in the late afternoon/early evenings it's been fairly quiet. Cash only though.

        Oops, I didn't register you mentioning Hide already.

      2. re: PeterCC

        I really like Asian ya. It's been very quiet every time I've gone. They play music at a very reasonable, quiet volume and it's usually bossa nova (odd at an Asian place, but a very relaxing, non-abrasive style of music).

        Their tan tan men style ramen is great! Much better than Chin-ma-ya's.

        1. re: BrewNChow

          I haven't actually been to Asianya, but I've been to Tokyo Kalbi, which I loved. Too bad Tokyo Kalbi isn't open for lunch, because it was very quiet when I went, but Asianya might be a good choice for the OP.

          1. re: PeterCC

            Thanks much again...Asian ya is apparently not open for lunch. Would like the bossa nova...too bad. Seems like there'd be a lot more choices if some of the places were open on Sat for lunch...

            1. re: tsomoyog

              Ah shoot, I swore it showed up on the search results at Yelp when I set the filter for open at noon on Saturdays. Sorry.

      3. Blue Marlin and Restaurant 2117 are both good bets. Both are in the mini-mall on the southwest corner of Mississippi & Sawtelle.

        Ramen-wise, try Miyata Menji, next to the hardware store 2 doors down from Giant Robot 2 on Sawtelle.

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        1. re: J.L.

          Many thanks! Restaurant 2117 looks sweet...& maybe the right ambience. Will keep all in mind...kicker is we need to be in & out of the place reasonably fast, but also need gourmet! Kind of a tall order...

          1. re: tsomoyog

            sorry to say this,
            but imho, the food at 2117 has declined substantially in the last couple of years.

            1. re: westsidegal

              I agree about the decline in food and service at 2117

              1. re: maudies5

                darn, i haven't been in ages. i'll skip based on this.

                and double damn, i wish that cafe blanc were still open for that type of food.

          2. re: J.L.

            +1 on Blue Marlin and 2117. They're relatively small but low-key. Food is excellent as well. These two places have been around for quite a while, telling that they must be doing something right.

          3. Food is good. But I am never going back there. Had the worst experience. The worst and the rudest server!!!!!

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              1. re: PeterCC

                I'm assuming Hide since that was the only one which the OP called out by name.

              2. I believe Sawtelle Kitchen is open for lunch. Felt quiet the last time I was there; tasty Japanese influenced pastas, curries, fish, etc. Check out the menu and see if it appeals.

                Edit: Just realize that you've probably already had this lunch, but maybe for next time...

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                1. re: archer

                  Aloha! Many thanks. Will keep it in mind for future...We ended up at Le Saigon because it was closest.

                2. Too late, but I really like the patio at Il Moro.

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                  1. re: Thor123

                    Great, thx for this. Will check it out for future. Patio would've been great...