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Jun 8, 2012 07:01 PM

Like Bondir?

Hi hounds - planning a nice dinner for my wife's b-day. Bondir is the perfect spot for us - but alas, they're closed on Sat Jun 30 (?!). So, I'm plumbing the group for other similar suggestions? Her ideal cuisine is light on the meat, heavy on vegetables and locally sourced ingredients. eg. Bondir

As you might guess from my nick, I'm more of the snout to tail type - craigie, coppa, etc are in my bullseye but not so much hers. We range from high end L'espalier outings to super 88 - but for this evening, looking for a nice place thats neither too fancy nor too basic, yet feels like a special night out . Again, Bondir seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Strip-Ts, much written about, and near our home, would be too casual, lespalier or similar too much.

We've been to Oleana a bunch which we both adore, also we find ourselves at Scampo too often for various comforty foods. Looking for something different that our semi-regular haunts. We live in Belmont (il Casale great, but we go all the time), any place Cambridge, back bay/south end, downtown/north end is in range.

Any thoughts?

Appreciate your collective wisdom.

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  1. is Journeyman over the top? have you tried EVOO?

    1. Journeyman sounds great as Madrid suggested. I probably recommend this way too much on CH, but Rendezvous in Central Square might fit the bill. Also, Craigie can do great things with vegetables if you call in advance.

      1. Bergamot might fit the bill.

        1. I second both Bergamot and Rendezvous. I give the nod to Bergamot for cocktails and cheese (excellent local stuff), and to Rendezvous for their bollito misto vegetarian entree. My meat-eating companions have tended to prefer Bergamot for entrees. The atmosphere is very similar at both--warm, comfy, festive in a casual, Cantabrigian way. Haven't been to Journeyman yet, or TW Food, which is often recommended for this type of request.

          1. TW Food should satisfy both of you. They meet the qualifications for your wife's ideal cuisine and they always offer 2 tasting menus (one vegetarian, one omnivore). I've been a few times, most recently about 2 months ago, and I've never been disappointed.