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Jun 8, 2012 06:40 PM

Ortiz canned/jarred fish...

I've heard tons of people rave about their ventresca, bonito del norte and anchovies. I saw them on today and the options for ordering were in quantities that were a bit too large (I eat a lot of anchovies, but I don't need 4 jars), plus I don't want to pay shipping if I don't have to.

Has anybody seen these here? I've never noticed them at CM or WF... those would be the places I'd expect. I'd appreciate anybody's suggestions.

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  1. While we're on the topic, I've also heard great things about Matiz canned seafood... the ones that peaked my interest were sardines, cockles and octopus. If anybody's found any of those in town, please let me know!

    1. A while back (probably a year or more), saw the Ortiz tuna & anchovies on the shelf in the deli section at Mandola's. Maybe check there, or Enoteca Vespaio. Or Whip In or Spec's? Good luck!

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        I'm pretty sure I saw the jar of Tuna an Enteco as well. But their shelves seemed to have been slimmed down last time I was there (6 months ago).

        MT Supermarket carries a line of jarred sardines from Spain that I was speaking with an older gentleman about. I can't remember the brand, but he swore by them. Pricey. They're in the isle with the blocks of belechan (fish paste) near the Filipino and "misc" stuff.