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Jun 8, 2012 04:48 PM

Coffee with Chicory

Is there anywhere in the GTA that I can get chicory infused coffee grounds or some type of New Orleans style ground coffee. I have a recipe for iced Creole coffee that calls for it.

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  1. You probably want the Cafe du Monde brand coffee, which comes in yellow tins and is available in quite a few grocery stores along Spadina in Chinatown (which now has a large Vietnamese population; Cafe du Monde is commonly used to make Vietnamese coffee.)

    Also check out this old 2007 thread, some of the specific tips may still be valid:

    1. You want the BRU brand of coffee. You'll find it in most indian grocery stores.

      1. You can get Cafe du Monde at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills south of Eglinton.

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          No longer available at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills south of Eglinton. Has anyone seen it anywhere else?
          (Spadina is too far).

        2. About 3 months ago I bought Cafe du Monde in Richmond Hill at the grocery store in a strip mall on the east side of Bayview, north of Hwy 7. Hope this helps.

          1. I'm at Tone Tai in Peanut Plaza and there's 5 cans (425g) of it on the shelf here.