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Jun 8, 2012 04:31 PM

Best Bakery for Pastry in St. Louis?

Like the title says, I'm interested in recommendations for the best bakery/bakeries for pastry in St. Louis. I'll be staying downtown but I'm willing to travel for someplace special. Probably want to keep it inside I-270 though.

Also for pastries, the menu at Baileys Chocolate Bar sounds intriguing; is it as good as it sounds?


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  1. MO Baking Co. on the Hill is awfully good. Cash only. Bailey's is good, and quite a late-night scene. Good regular food and chocolate boozy drinks as well.

    1. La Bonne Bouchée and Nadoz are two I would think of. Might also consider Rue Lafayette as I have heard good things, but I haven't been there personally.

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        I went LBB the other day for breakfast, which I found very unimpressive, and while they have lots of pastries and varieties, the raspberry croissant was soggy and unimpressive.

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          Haven't been there for breakfast in years but eat lunch there from time to time and it has always been pretty good. Sad about the raspberry croissant. Maybe it was held over or frozen or ....microwaved? Microwaves should be banned from bakeries. I generally get a fruit tart or a piece of cake if I am having dessert.
          If you ever get up to Springfield, Il, try the croissants from Incredibly Delicious. Everything else pales in the light of this croissant. They have chocolate ones but not raspberry.

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            Been to ID, don't remember what I had. Don't get through there too often anymore, used to all the time en route from Quincy where my parents live, to Champaign, where I lived for 20 years, and 11 years during that time when a had a very pt job there while living in Champaign. Springfield is weird - some food things are really quite good, and then other food areas are wastelands! Btw, according to ID's site, they have raspberry and cream croissants!

      2. Having brain freeze but there's a new little place inside the city limits on Watson --Ah, yes, Pint Size Bakery. Small, one-woman show, much less of a mass-produced feel than some others. I think some things at Mo Baking are far, far better than others. Bonne Bouchee is outside the 270 perimeter, Nadoz can be good but I suspect not everything is fresh every day and that seems to be the case with PSB.

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          La Bonne Bouchée is only 0.3 miles west of 270, so not much past and that is why I mentioned it. Haven't been to PSB yet but did admire them for having all new product everyday. You would be hard pressed to find that at many if any other places.

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            I can second the suggestion for Nadoz, which is also pretty close to downtown (at least their LIndell location). I have only been for Sunday brunch, but the pastries they set out for the brunch are incredibly tasty and some of the things in the display cases look just beautiful. I like Missouri Baking on the Hill, it is a very traditional bakery of the type that used to be all over the city, some things are very good, some are only okay...if you go, do be sure to get a few of the amaretto macaroon cookies...they're wonderful, my favorite thing there. If you are particularly interested in bakery-specialties of our fair city, be sure to have a slab of gooey butter cake somewhere, Park Avenue Coffee has good gooey butter, and they're just a few storefronts away from Bailey's. Oh hey...I just checked the website for PInt Sized the old pizza shack on Watson, huh...sounds like the perfect place to grab a sweet to go with my sandwich from LeGrand's grocery just up the street. Looks great, I'll have to check it out, thanks lemons!

          2. re: lemons

            LOVE this place. Just went for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The second this weekend.


          3. I really do not like Bailey's Chocolate Bar. At all. I keep wanting to like it and keep giving it another chance, but every time I am there, the service is sub-par. To me, the desserts are pretty heavy and not very imaginative. But it is always packed so what do I know? If you are in that neck of the woods, 33 Wine Bar is next door and very charming, IMHO.