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The Original House of Pancake

Just came back from Chicago and tried the Original House of Pancake. Had a great time, food was fabulous for what it is. Went online and noticed there's a location in Seattle. Is it worth going? No we won't drive all the way from Vancouver just for breakfast but if we're in the neighbourhood.


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  1. Its a chain, seen it Charlotte, seattle etc same fare all places

    1. The Kirland OPH is essentially the same as the Chicago ones (at least the 3 or so that I frequented a couple of decades ago). I assume the Seattle one (north Balard) is the same.

      1. indeed a chain (originated in oregon) and a rather decent one with identical menus - the dutch baby and its apple-y cousin are excellent and the omelletes are enormous.

        1. This is not the same as "Family Pancake House" on Redmond Way, right? Because that was pretty terrible.

          If this is a different one, I'll have to give it a try (the one in Kirkland).

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            FPH is quite different. OPH has remained focused on breakfast; in fact some close mid afternoon.

            They are best known for their Dutch Baby and Apple Pancake, though I tend to get their 49ers, which are thin crepe like, but with a chewy texture that I haven't encountered elsewhere.

          2. Just to avoid the inevitable confusion that is bound to result from the Thread title and OP, it is the Original Pancake House, not Original House of Pancake(s).


            There are also the International House of Pancakes (IHOP http://www.ihop.com/) and Family Pancake House (FHP http://www.familypancakehouse.com/), as previously discussed.

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              And of course I made a typo in that the typical TLA for Family Pancake House, as noted in paulj's earlier post, is FPH, not FHP.

            2. I hate to complicate things here but I think we need to clarify some things. I have lived in both Chicago and Seattle want to point out that not all "Original Pancake Houses" (OPH) are the same - especially those in the Chicago area. For example, "Walker Bros. Original Pancake Houses" like the one in Wilmette is absolutley top knotch. However, it is different from other ORPs in the Chicago area that are not quite is good - like the one in Park Ridge which is just a regular OPH. Other states also have variations in the types of OPHs. I am not sure what the relation between the various types of OPHs is but all OPHs are not the same. It may be that they all can fly the OPH banner but are individually owned and can therfore have some variations in their menus.

              So, to answer your question, I think it is safe to say that if you ate at a Walker Bros OPH in the Chicago area you will find the OPHs in the Seattle seriously lacking - I did.

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                I lived in the Chicago area, and ate at a number of OPH, but I don't think any was a Walker Bros. I used to ride my bike past the Wilmete one when I was grad student. Later, until one opened in Oak Park we mainly ate at the ones near the Chicago museums (Lincoln Park and Hydepark).

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                  You can see which Illinois locations are affiliated with Walker Bros. (and which are not) by following this link:


              2. Hi everyone,
                Sorry for the late reply. I meant to say the Original Pancake House (wasn't able to change the title). For us, we don't have diner type breakfasts often so this was a nice treat for us. Our favorite is still Pig'n Pancake on the Oregon Coast.

                Thanks again for all the input !