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Jun 8, 2012 04:23 PM

Traveling between West L.A. and Anaheim Sat/Sun, need recs for quick, great eats on the way to/fro!

I'll be heading to Anaheim from West L.A. tomorrow noonish and heading back around 10 PM, and repeating on Sunday. I'd like to have a few places in my back pocket to try on the way to Anaheim (and back too, but it'll be later so probably less possibilities), with the main criteria being that they're fast and relatively close to the freeway.

I plan on going 405 to 105 to 605 to 91 to 5 on the way, and the reverse on the way back, but I'm willing to modify my route (say 405 to 110 to 91 to 5) in order to try a place, as long as it's in the general direction to/from Anaheim.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Yes! That place has been on my must-try list for so long! Looks like I could take get off the 105 on Long Beach Blvd and just stay on it until I get there, or I could take the 105 to the 705 and get off on Alondra. Seems like six of one, half a dozen o the other, but any reason to pick one route over the other? Either way, looks like I'd pick up the 705 to the 91 and continue on my way.

      What should I get? 2 Meat Lunch Combo with ribs and ... beef rib or pork shoulder? Side of burnt ends?

      1. re: PeterCC

        If you're visiting someone down behind the Orange Curtain maybe take a Texas Sampler along and make everyone's day...

        1. re: Servorg

          Going to a convention, and I cannot bring enough for everyone. :-(

          1. re: Servorg

            You know, I may pick one of those up and surprise some folks. I just feel bad that I can't afford feed everyone, but maybe it'll drum up some business for Bludso's. Do you think I should call ahead if I'm getting the Texas Sampler (or anything else for that matter)? Is the wait pretty long?

            1. re: PeterCC

              The wait normally isn't bad since the cue and side are already prepared. I don't think you need to call ahead, but if you want to it can't hurt.

          2. re: PeterCC

            Take the 105 to the 710 and exit at Alondra. The 'que will keep - this gives you lots of options, but depending on what sides you order, those might not keep. The beans are my favorite - great with rice. We really like the potato salad which is mustardy with a decent vinegar kick. The cole slaw is house made and is good as well.

            Eating at Bludso's isn't really an option. There's a table adjacent to the smokers and the parking lot, but it can be miserably hot with the sun baking down on you, and you will be right by the smokers to boot. Taking it home and enjoying it at your leisure with a bottle of sparkling rosé, petite syrah, or an amber ale is heaven to me. We try to hit Apple Pan for a banana cream pie to guild the lily.

            The Texas Sampler is a good start - feeds two really hungry or three to four kinda hungry folks. Getting extra brisket is a good plan as well. If you plan on feeding more than four or want leftovers for a while, consider one of the party trays - it's a lot of meat.

            1. re: bulavinaka

              Thanks for the tips. Heh, "guild the lily", love that expression. This visit to Bludso's will only be for one for lunch, so no large orders this time.

          3. re: Servorg

            Their Q may be good, but their website sucks! Normally I would not patronize a place that auto-plays music on their home page, especially with no way to shut it off. But I'm a sucker for Q so I figured I'd use their contact link to politely ask them to remove the auto-player. Tried sending the message and got a 404. FAIL!!!

            1. re: GroovinGourmet

              I keep the sound on my computer off unless I turn it up for some reason so didn't even realize they had auto-play music. And I'll just say this is Chowhound and not Website Hound and I don't really give a damn how good or bad a cue joint's website happens to be. there is one thing, and one thing only I care about. The taste of their cue. That's a mammoth PASS. The fact that they even have a website is another PASS to me. YMM (and obviously did)V.

              1. re: Servorg

                I somewhat agree with both of you. I don't go as far as GroovinGourmet in actually choosing not to patronize a place based on its website. That'd be like not patronizing a place because their takeout menu looked ugly. :-)

                Like you, quality of food is the most important aspect to me, followed by service. Some might also say cleanliness, but I consider that to be part and parcel of both aspects; you can't make food in an unclean environment, and I don't mean not pristine--I know how messy restaurants are--I mean not unsanitary; and providing a clean environment for your customers is good service.

                However, as a techie, if I am undecided between multiple restaurants I've never tried, and all other things being relatively equal (decent reviews for each place, each conveniently located, each have food I'm interested in), I may let how a restaurant's website is be the tie-breaker.

                After all, it is another "face" of the restaurant, and the attention a business puts into it _can_ be a sign of their quality. But if I judged a restaurant purely by its website, I would have never tried Shunji: :-


                (Also, I had the sound on on my laptop, but not loud, and I didn't notice any music coming from Bludso's site.)

                1. re: PeterCC

                  If I've learned on thing about the Internet it's that a slick website is NO guarantee of anything in terms of quality...

                  1. re: Servorg

                    Oh, absolutely.

                    However, I am definitely impressed with a "regular" restaurant that updates its websites weekly or daily with its specials, and by "regular" I mean where its selling point isn't based on highlighting its local sourcing and ever changing menu, where it would be expected of that kind of restaurant's site to be updated constantly.

                    I am somewhat disappointed when a restaurant site posts their menu but their prices are way out of date. But neither impressed nor disappointed will ultimately influence whether I continue to patronize a place, the food will! :-)

          4. Portello's (Chicago hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches) One block from Knott's off the 91.

            8390 La Palma Ave.
            Buena Park CA 90620

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              1. re: PeterCC

                The Italian Beef Sandwich dipped with sweet peppers and mozzarella and if you have room a Chicago dog too.

                1. re: PeterCC

                  And make sure to get a chocolate cake shake!

              2. Rats-it looks like your route seems to just miss the OC recs I had in mind! It's about 10 minutes south of Anaheim in Santa Ana but if it fits into your schedule, have some arepas (with plenty of their addictive green sauce) and fresh juice at Mil Jugos-!

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                1. re: crystaw

                  Glad you threw your rec in anyway. You never know what I might be willing to do to try something new and good. Thanks!

                2. Just noticed this recent post by J.L. on your "24-hour" thread. City of Industry is off the 5. This could be a way of whittling down your to-eat list by a notch.

                  >>JJ Bakery in City of Industry has (decent) Chinese breakfast all day long - but it's quite a deviation off course for PeterCC...<<


                  1. Thanks for the reqs. I stopped at Bludso's on the way. I called in my order (I decided on the Texas Sampler) about 10 minutes before getting there and momentarily panicked when they said it'll be ready in 35 minutes. However, when I got there, the order was indeed ready.

                    Excellent 'que, everyone agreed, even the Texan that shared in it!

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                    1. re: PeterCC

                      One more item checked off on the "bucket" list! (g) Was there much of a line up when you arrived (what time did you get there)?

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Got there right around 1:30 PM and there was a decent que(ue) -- ba dum bum! Over a dozen people waiting, but many were parts of smaller groups, like a family of four or five, three college students, etc. It went pretty quick.