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Jun 8, 2012 04:19 PM

Best sushi in boston

Where can I get the best sushi in boston?

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  1. O Ya and Uni get a lot of good press... not the cheapest places to eat, though..

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      Still good press, but cheaper is Oishi.
      The still good press with some negative, but overall still better than most Toraya and Fishmarket. And then there seems to be those if you are in the area they are tasty but don't go out of your way. Samurai, Genki Ya, etc.

    2. You may find this recent article of interest. Too bad they have removed all the readers comments.

      "Here [Boston], restaurants serving sushi are more often run by Chinese and Korean restaurateurs than Japanese. These entrepreneurs are sometimes less beholden to sushi tradition."

      I would say that the vast majority (90+%?) of Boston's sushi owners and chefs are not Japanese.

      1. A few readers of that article recommended this little gem (run by Japanese?). Yet to check it out, and hope it is better than Sakanaya.

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          any thoughts on the better than Sakanaya. That is where i buy my sashimi.

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            It is definitely run by Japanese - the Sushi chef and the store.

            This is were we get all of our sashimi - my wife is Japanese - she thinks this is a great value. The absolute best, no, but for the money - great sushi and sashimi.

            A great think to do is let them make omakase - sushi and sashimi - you tell them how much you want to spend and they will decide what to give you. We usually get $15 or $20 a person and this makes a nice portion of our dinner.

          2. Although not in Boston proper, Fuji in Kendal is awesome. Better than Oishi and between O Ya and Uni. Kendal has a lot of cook new restaurants and Fuji is def a stand out.

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            1. re: westside1izzy

              I find that hard to believe (re: Fuji) unless my experience was an extreme outlier (

              To the OP, understanding what you prefer (sashimi, nigiri, maki; traditional, creative, americanized) would help generate some better recs. Also, you can search countless on threads on this subject. For my taste and $, Oishii Chestnut Hill or Sushi Island are tops.

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                Glad you liked it that much. I too am ecstatic that Kendall has been such a hot hub for so many recent new restaurants in the area. While all are not top notch, IMO, many are more than passable, and having many lunch options is a relief.

                With that being said, my experiences at Fuji are positive, but not over the top. Having dined at both O Ya and Uni, I don't think Fuji is even close. Both of those high-end places have their detractors, but I'd be surprised if many even think they're in the same league or shooting for the same audience as Fuji.

                Fuji is safe, serves decent enough sushi, a little pricey (but not surprising given its address) and in this sushi-desert that is this section of Cambridge, it's a good option. I actually prefer their more modest Quincy location, since I don't have to pay for chic decor.

                I happen to like O Ya and Uni better if you have a fat wallet. I have not been to Oishii given the original's location, and have heard enough so-so reviews of its South End location to not bother. I still like some of the old faves like Sakura Bana in downtown though it's been a while. I am looking forward to the new Yoki on Mass Ave in Cambridge; I dined in their Malden (Medford?) location once and liked it.

                Toraya and Sushi Island outside of Boston proper get consistently positive reviews on this board, though no personal experience with either. The curse of not having a car.

                1. re: kobuta

                  I hope Yoki is good. I hope it doesn't follow the footsteps of Floating Rock. I'm excited about it.

                  1. re: kobuta

                    You don't need a car for Toraya....Straight shot down Mass Ave on the 77 bus. The bus runs VERY frequently, so by the time you are done with dinner, you'll almost certainly find a bus home. Check out the nextbus app. It's a life-changer!

                  2. re: westside1izzy

                    It's laughable to compare Oishii and Fuji.

                  3. West of Boston, but still...according to Asian sources, Oga's on Route Nine in Natick is the best Japanese cuisine in the greater Boston area, sushi included. Chef Toru Oga is a native of Kyoto. His monthly specials are works of delectable genius. Service can be spotty and harried, but not obnoxiously so.