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Thurs and Fri. night dinners ...

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Staying Aug. 9 and 10th at Marriott Union Square. Thinking of "Allegro Romano" for the Thursday night and "Farallon" for the Friday night.

Any other suggestions?

I feel we should eat at a seafood restaurant one night and did look at Sotto Mare in North Beach but not sure if we're up for standing and waiting 1/2 hour and ending up at the counter (there will be 4 of us).

Also considering Waterbar, One Market and Anchor & Hope.

We have had previous meals at Perbacco and at Rose Pistola (Rose Pistola was a let down last time).

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  1. Farallon is decent formal seafood, with interesting decor. My impression is the Waterbar is about the same food quality, but is on the water and reads a little more "hip" than traditionally formal.

    Other places to consider:
    Anchor & Hope is a good seafood, modern semi-casual place
    I like Bar Crudo more (along the same vein as Anchor & Hope) but it's a longer cab ride away from union square.

    I don't know anything about Allegro Romano, but based on the menu/yelp reviews. I'd personally prefer something more interesting...maybe Quince? Or its more casual cousin Cotogna?