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Jun 8, 2012 03:11 PM

Brass Buckle in Greenfield MA -- solid!

i've had the chance to hit the brass buckle on main street in greenfield (old location of cafe coco and syrene) a few times now, and it is a heck of a dandy breakfast/lunch place. their corned beef tacos are pretty darn amazing, and a recent trip with my daughter had her nearly weeping at the beauty of their bacon/maple milkshake (i know, i know), and the perfection of their simple grilled cheese sandwich. have also much enjoyed the chipotle mac & cheese, the huevos and the medium roast coffee. a friend, whose taste i trust, has opined the the baked goods are not the equal of some of the other offerings, but i'm not much of a muffin man anyway, so i have no real opinion here. there website is, and although they're open 'til 4, i'm pretty sure the cooking stops at 3. very nice addition to the greenfield scene in my opinion.

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  1. Finally found myself in the Greenfield area on a beautiful summer morning and decided to stop in for breakfast at the Brass Buckle this past Thursday. Maybe I should have had lunch. Both my husband and I ordered the huevos rancheros and they were pretty bad. They came with two different sauces; a spicy tomatillo sauce on one egg and a mild tomato-based sauce on the other. There was a slice of avocado on the plate with two tortilla chips stuck in it. Of the two chips in the avocado on my plate, one was very stale and the other very nice and crispy. The sauces were pretty tasty and the tortillas were good, but the essential ingredient, the eggs, were cooked to death. They didn't even hint at being the least bit runny. Not my idea of good huevos. I might have thought it was just an accident or someone having an off day, but my husband's eggs were prepared the same way, so I don't think it was a fluke. The space itself is okay I guess although I prefer table service. It's kinda like a college hangout, with people standing in line to order, and a person taking up two tables with his laptop and not even eating. It did seem to be pretty popular around noon time. The line grew quite long and most people seemed to be ordering sandwiches. Maybe I just got the wrong thing, but I've never had to specify eggs over easy when I've ordered huevos rancheros anywhere before. Can't remember exactly what the cost was, and I can't find huevos on their online menu, but I seem to remember it being over $8 and that seemed high to me for what you get. If I ever go back I'll try one of the lunch items.

    1. I've been there twice and wasn't impressed either time. Food was only so-so; coffee was mediocre. Once I had a hot chocolate [mint] which had no taste of mint, and was cold to boot. And the space always feels dirty to me. I'd give it no more than a C. I can remember when this was the former location of the Corner Cupboard (which predates Cafe Koko's and Siren's Cafe), and that place was just wonderful!

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        Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. I was just up there again yesterday for the first time in a while. It was breakfast time, so I had the cowboy sandwich (hashbrown patty, bbq sauce, scallion sour cream, bacon & egg on Texas Toast), a side of corned beef hash and a medium roast coffee, all of which I found darn fine. I have generally stuck to breakfast sandwiches and tacos there -- in combination with their corned beef wherever possible. Perhaps, like lots of places it seems, you need to be focused on certain items to really get the goods. Weird about the eggs over hard on the huevos, however. That's a bummer.