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Jun 8, 2012 01:35 PM

Excellent Deal on FoodSaver Model V2840

They're calling this the Gourmet Starter Kit. Model V2840 comes with 6 cooking bags, one 11" x 16' roll, two -11" x 10' rolls, and a 2 quart container with cheese grater with free shipping for $99.99. As good a price, if not better than, the best price on Amazon for the the FoodSaver alone.

This isn't the model I have, so I can't speak to that directly. But I will tell you that I love my FoodSaver so much, and use it so often, that I put my toaster oven into deep storage so that the FoodSaver could live on the countertop.

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  1. We love our foodsaver too. My husband is always buying large quantities of meat at the Restaurant Depot, and then he seals it. It really is a great thing!