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Best place to buy Big Green Egg?

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Thinking of springing for this but want to buy locally and from somewhere that offers knowledgeable support/maintenance feedback down the line.

Any recommendations?


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        sorry, for the brain lapse - I may have seen it at Home Depot or Lowe's. We've been making the rounds of home improvement stores and my memory is fuzzy. I am hazy but thought it was Costco.

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          I don't know about Lowes, but the ceramic cookers I saw at Home depot are knockoffs, not authentic BGE.

      2. At Eggs By the Bay in San Jose during the 2012 "Eggfest." scheduled for June 22. They will be selling the demo Eggs used only at the festival for a discounted price.


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          Just an FYI if knowledgeable and friendly support is important: The owner of Eggs by the Bay, Darry Smith, competes with Big Green Eggs on the barbecue competition circuit. He is friendly and helpful and really knows his stuff. He even qualified for "The Jack." -- an annual contest held in Lynchburg TN where only one team from each state is invited.

          I do not think you are going to get much support from the warehouse stores and places like Airport Home Appliance.

        2. AAA Sewing and Vacuum on B st. in San Mateo (directly across the street from Draegers) is fantastic. Jose the owner is an enthusiast And offers fantastic post purchase help. I bought mine from him and will probably purchase a large BGE this year.( I have a small)


          PS. Go to their website and check for BGE Demos. They will insist on feeding you.

          1. There is a place on Telegraph Ave in Oakland (around 47th) that advertises them, but I can't speak to the support/maintenance issue.

            1. Costco only has the small egg and there is no discount given. My husband bought our green egg at what is now "off the grid" in oakland. He scored a great deal...better than what the big green egg company was offering at the real eats festival in oakland last year. I know there is some big show thingy up in sacramento every september/october and then they sell off their eggs after the event...we got info about this at real eats last year (BGE had a booth there) - my husband could not go as I had just delivered my son a few days before the event, so he bought one locally.

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                A word of caution. If the ceramic cooker Costco is selling is an authentic BGE, there is no factory warrantee.

              2. Airport Home Appliance in Berkeley always has one on the sidewalk. Their prices are usually at the low end of the range. They have several other branches around the Bay.

                1. Thanks, all. We ended up getting one from BSC in SF. It was apparently a one-off package and came with nest. Looking forward to firing it up this weekend...

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                    FYI...the fire starters can get expensive if you do a lot of BGE cooking, so we made our own. We took paper bathroom cups and filled them with saw dust (got it for free at a local lumber mill). We then melted paraffin wax (got it at osh) and filled up the cups...right before the wax completely set up we stuck a match in the wax for easy lighting...in total we made 24 fire starters for about 10 bucks (the cost of two blocks of paraffin - everything else was free or what we had laying around the house). Just thought I would share the idea.

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                      Of course a chimney starter is probably the easiest and most economic way to start your coals. Just crumple two sheets of newspaper and light away. It will even work on damp coal.


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                      I'd be interested in hearing how/ if you like your new BGE. I really have no place to put one, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about entering the Johnsonville Kitchen recipe contest in which they are giving away not one but two Big Green Eggs!

                    3. Costco has the medium BGE with nest for $579. (Seen in San Ramon, Richmond, Almaden and Mountain View.)

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                        Add Foster City to that list of Costco's as well, saw it there last week

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                          Saw the similar Kamado Kooker painted green to look like the Big Green Egg at the Costco in Novato.

                      2. Can't vouch for them as I have never done business with them.... but it's a "Kitchen Porn" place for sure... including the BGE


                        1. Eggs by the Bay in Santa Clara. The owner is very knowledgeable (he competes using BGE) and is enthusiastic about these cookers.

                          Another place where enthusiasts share tips, recipes, etc


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                            Buy local from a registered BGE dealer. The ceramics components are covered by warranty but they are heavy and shipping is costly. My firebox cracked after about 6 years of max temp searing in the dead of winter (Mid Atlantic region). While badly cracked my firebox still functioned so my dealer was placing an inventory re-stock order in about 30 days so I waited and he brought the new firebox in on his inventory shipment and there was no shipping cost.

                            As a previous poster mentioned, there is concern regarding warranty issues when purchased from big box stores. I wouldn't do it but if your considering it look into the warranty issue very closely. When I bought mine from my local dealer, WE filled out the Warranty info at the counter and HE sent in the original and put a copy attached to the sales slip in a file cabinet. When my fire box cracked 6 years later all I had to do was give my name and he was able to retrieve all the paperwork in less than a minute.

                            Local dealers also stock accessories that you can hold before buying. A $50.00 heavy cast iron grate is great for searing steak.

                            2nd the Chimney starter. Very fast and FREE. I had a scrap of Galvanized Diamond Mesh Mason Screen and cut a round piece out of it and put it on the bottom of the chimney starter which keeps the small pieces of lump charcoal from falling through. The screen lasts about 2 years and then I just cut another one. 1/4 inch galvanized construction screen (Home depot) would probably last even longer.

                            1. re: Tom34

                              >>"1/4 inch galvanized construction screen (Home depot) would probably last even longer."

                              Tom34, fumes from heated galvanized steel are toxic, so I would advise against using it in your chimney starter.

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                                I know what your saying but I think most of the galvanizing burned off after a few fires and I only get near it for a few seconds when its ready to be dumped into the egg.

                          2. Ace Hardware on Cole St.has them also.

                            1. I saw them recently at Barbeques Galore in San Rafael.