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Jun 8, 2012 01:03 PM

Best Berkeley restaurants to deliver food for 45 ppl

hi Chowhounds

I'm looking for 2 restaurants in the Berkeley area that could each deliver food for about 45 people (need food for total of 90 people). Is providing food for 45 people too difficult for most restaurants? Open to a variety of cuisines--the most important thing is that the food is delicious and able to be delivered onsite.


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    1. Cafe La Mediterrene catered my wedding of 100 people. It's delicious! We did a veg meal, but their chicken pomegranate is fantastic. Haven't checked lately if they still deliver, but 5 years ago they did.

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        La Mediterranee is not awful but it's the least interesting Middle Eastern food I've had.

        Holy Land is as good as it gets around here. Do they deliver?

        Whole Foods catering actually does above-average Middle Eastern food. I had some at a memorial service that was so good I asked where they got it and was very surprised at the answer.

      2. Holy Land on College Ave. in Berkeley has really good food and the owner is nice!