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Jun 8, 2012 11:24 AM

Ethnic Groceries - Western Suburbs

Looking for recommendations on places I might have overlooked for produce, etc, not too far from Maynard. I know the two Indian places in Waltham, and I go to H-Mart in Burlington sometimes. I'm wondering about Little Market in Acton, which I will soon check out, but that's about all of them that I know. Any ethnicity is great, I'm just looking for a diversion that might turn into a regular thing.

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  1. Not sure if this is within your range, but there is a big Asian supermarket in Westborough, at the junction of Rt. 9 and Rt. 135 ("Stagecoach Plaza, where the theaters are).

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    1. re: Science Chick

      Yeah, it's really not in my range, but thanks anyway!

    2. Framinghams Trolley Square has the Produce Market which has....produce, good variey and some good Russian products, think caviar, cheese, smoked fish, deli and less than stellar prepared foods. The bulk veal tortelini is amazing. Same plaza has an Indian grocery store with all the necessary spices. If you continue to downtown Framingham you can get many Brazilian and Central American favorites all in short walking proximity.

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        I pass Trolley Square on my periodic Trader Joe's wine runs and have often wondered. I will try it. Thanks!

        The other places sound interesting as well, and I will seek them out.

      2. There is New Oriental Supermarket
        476 King St
        Littleton, MA 01460
        (978) 486-8128

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          I just visited New Oriental Supermarket in Littleton and was pleasantly surprised. It is a bigger market than the small one in Westboro, and they do keep Asian vegetables in refrigerators. Also have a variety of dumplings in their freezers, as well as all the main ingredients for Chinese cooking (and even some Japanese ingredients as well - mirin, wakame seaweed, dashi powder, etc). The staff is very nice and speaks fluent English. This saves me a trip to Chinatown and/or HMart if I need groceries in a pinch.

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            Thirded. They often have big fresh rice noodles there at the counter that are delicious.

        2. I've now been to Little Market, and I was not favorably impressed with their produce - quality seemed mostly subpar. The bulk items looked good, and the frozen/processed stuff is worth a second look, but I was a bit disappointed.

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