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Jun 8, 2012 11:19 AM

30th Birthday Party? Best places on EastSide for Drinks?

Hi all,

I live in Los Feliz and am turning 30 at the end of the month. Party will probably happen on a Saturday night, although Friday night is an option.

Figure 10-30 people. It'd be nice to be able to get a big table and then have space to roam, etc. Emphasis is more on drinks and socializing, but food would be nice too.

On my list was Taix, Edendale, El Chavo, etc.

Let me know if I'm missing any or if you've had any experiences at the ones listed above!

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  1. don't know if you can reserve it, but 1886/The Raymond has a large outdoor space with a long communal table and a few smaller tables that I imagine can fit your party. There's actually 2 outdoor spaces for the bar... I'm talking about the space w/ the fireplace. Anyway, great cocktails there, and a small bar menu with decent-to-mediocre snack options.

    1. See if Cliff's Edge can give you a space. Fabulous patio.

      1. I went to a birthday dinner at Edendale and they sat about a dozen of us quite comfortably. The restaurant is quite large so I am sure they can accommodate your party if you have more people than we had. The food was ok and I enjoyed the drinks and the people watching more so that may fit the emphasis on the drinks and socializing that you were looking for!

        Also, the space that andytseng is talking about at the Raymond looks quite pleasant. I haven't sat there myself but have admired it while going to 1886 for some terrific cocktails! I'm not sure if you have to order off the restaurant menu though instead of the bar menu if you occupy that space so you might want to inquire about that!

        1. Bar Covell has an awesome side room you can reserve. Here are a few others:

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                Not sure about the geographical boundaries, but I just went to Neat in Glendale for the first time last Friday and had a great time. I hadn't gone before because I wasn't too into the idea doing their shot w/ an accompanying drink to pair, but it turns out they can also make a mean cocktail the standard way.

                It didn't look like they had sectioned off areas for a private party, but I imagine they could accomodate.

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                  Vinoteca Farfalla maybe?

                  Or if you want to go old school, the Dresden?

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                    Eastside is huge. Someone already suggested Bar Covell. Define the premises: how many people, define "East". If similar vein to OP, the natural choice is Sunset Beer. For a bit more hipster douchery -- Harvard & Stone, Pour Vous. For beers, Mohawk Bend, but god forbid you get hungry.

                    Fitting 20 ppl into 1886 will make everyone want to burn the charming house down. El Cid is making some kind of culinary comeback with a new chef, and of course Malo is known for.. getting plastered.

                    The entire Eastside (include Chait himself, who is now seen daily at Bestia) has given up on MessHall.

                    30 people could also mean shutting Mignon down if the group is full of Franco-oenophiles.

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                      isn't the OP almost 31 by now?

                      1. re: cls

                        it must have been a hell of a