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Market 707 Street Food Fest - June 8

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  • ggom1 Jun 8, 2012 11:14 AM
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I haven't seen this mentioned...It's the shipping containers at Scadding Court plus some food trucks. 11am - 4pm at Dundas/Bathurst. Should be fun and not too crowded.


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  1. Market 707 does not get much attention here, but for those interested in seeing more street food in Toronto, this is important stuff.

    Market 707 is crowd-funding to improve their street presence:


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      Hopefully the warm weather is approaching ... I can stay there for hours eating!

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          Hmn. I love the place, but I could stay there for maybe an hour!

      2. Just a heads up that this thread is from a year ago. The event mentioned in the first post isn't relevant anymore.

        There is another discussion going on here for those that want to know more about the market:


        And, there are some other events happening :


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          I chose to update this old thread as it's one of the only ones that refers to Market 707 by name (for those searching). I assumed (or was hoping!) people would instantly notice that the food fest was last year.

          But yes, as long as the fundraising word gets out.

          It's good others are talking.