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Jun 8, 2012 10:53 AM

Family Trip to San Sebastian -- Moderately Priced Restaurants Not to Miss?

We're going on a trip to San Sebastian and environs for about two weeks in July with 6 adults, 3 kids, plus a year-old baby. We'll probably do mostly pintxos for dinners, but we're making a few reservations for lunches and dinners just for the experience.

We have reservations at Elkano and are working on reservations at Laia Erretegia and Abarka Jatatxea, both in Hondarribia. My parents are going to sneak away to go to Arzak by themselves.

Anywhere else we shouldn't miss? We'll all have cars. Anywhere in French Basque Country?


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  1. Try 'Politena' on Calle de San Jerónmo 3, Parte Vieja (Old Town). Good cooking at an unpretentious venue. Look for the 'menú del día' on mid-day (daily set menu).

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      Great, thanks! Have you had the tapas/pintxos there as well? The photos on tripadvisor are really appetizing!

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        yamyampang, I think you might be confusing El Politena in San Sebastian and Bar Politena in Getaria which is the one with the pictures on TA.

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          I think you're right about that. Thanks for setting me straight!

    2. Bodeon Alejandro in San Sé.
      Chez Mattin in Ciboure (next to St Jean de Luz).

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        I meant "Bodegon Alejandro", not Bodeon, sorriest.

        One more kid-friendly address on the French side: Chez Margot on the lovely Socoa beach facing the old fort, in Ciboure. Food quite good too. Even has a "menu enfant" for 10 euro.
        Here are some views from the terrasse:

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          Thanks, Parigi. I am starting from ground zero on restaurants on the French side, so these suggestions are really helpful!