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Jun 8, 2012 10:43 AM

Looking for great pizza on way to casino

Hi All - I've been a lurking for about a year, and finally need your help. We are headed to Foxwoods, and are looking for a great pizza place along the way. I prefer Greek style, and my boyfriend prefers NY style, so either of those would be great! We are leaving from East Hartford, and travel down route 2, so anything along that way would be perfect. Oh, and if they have good draft beer selection, that would be a bonus!

Looking forward to finding a new spot! Thanks everyone! :-)

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    1. re: brookerme

      OP will certainly be disappointed if she takes your suggestion. OP states that boyfriend likes Greek style pizza...thick crust baked in an oiled pan,
      OP likes NY style pizza.
      Why would you reccommend Pepe's NEW HAVEN STYLE APIZZA, with thin charred crust which meets neither's like?
      Furthermore OP asked for something to eat on the way to Foxwoods on Rt 2, OP is not headed to Mohegan Sun.

      Unfortunately there is not a lot of great pizza, east of the river, but she might find some good choices in Gklastonbury by looking at Glastonbury threads on this board.

      1. re: bagelman01

        As bagelman states, I won't be near Mohegan Sun, but thanks for the suggestion. Bagelman, I'll definitely check the Glastonbury threads. Appreciate it!

        1. re: KelJne

          Mohegan Sun is just a few miles awy from Foxwoods. It's a nicer gaming facility IMO anyway. That said, Pepe's is a good rec. Bagelman snarky post basically said what you already know, search the boards.

          Giovanni's or Luna's seem to get the best reviews. None will be half as good as Pepe's, even tho Pepe's is neither Greek nor NY style.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Thanks for the suggestions! I will look those up.
            I totally agree with Mohegan being the nicer of the two, but we are headed to Foxwoods for a show. I should've mentioned in my original post that we have hit the majority of restaurants at both casinos, so looking for something outside of that.
            Thanks again!

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Snarky, no. Why should CHers insist on sending info that does not meet the needs and request of the OP?

              There are many threads on Pepe's at Mohegan Sun, BUT the OP was specific, she wants Greek or NY style pizza and along RT2 before getting to Foxwoods.

              I am a New Haven Native, I was there this morning and had lunch on Wooster St. My preference is New Haven Apizza, but I wouldn't waste op's time suggesting a restaurant that doesn't meet her geographic or food requirements.

              The off topic replies make it take too much time to read CH threads and cause readers to lose interest. It happens that one of my favorite non-New Haven pizza restaurants is in the OPs own town of East Hartford, but I wouldn't suggest it, as the starting place isn't really on the way to the destinayion....................

      2. I find Colchester makes a nice half way stop on the way to the casinos. Check out The Plum Tomato. It's close to the highway and ain't half bad.

        1. Not exactly "on the way" but not too far out of the way - Valentino's in Ledyard Center. It's New York style. Not fancy - just a family restaurant but the pizza is very good.

          1. We ended up at The Plum Tomato in Colchester. Pizza was really good, and we'll definitely return if in the area.
            Service was a little off..two beers on the specials board were not available, and when ordered the server swapped them for different kinds (same brewery) without saying a word. Did he think we wouldn't notice? When we asked, he just said, "Oh, we are out of that." We also had to flag him down when refills were needed, and felt slightly rushed when the check was brought early in the meal.
            But all in all, it's a cute place, the pizza was good, and we left happy and with full bellies. :-)
            Thanks everyone!

            1. Willington Pizza.


              Slight detour...but worth it. I-84 East. Then take Rt. 32 down to Rt. 6 and Willimantic Brewing for some beers before you guys lose your shirts.

              Next time.