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Jun 8, 2012 09:57 AM

KO pIes opening in Scup's location

There will be an article in this Sunday's Globe about KO pies opening a new location at the East Boston marina. From the description, it sounds like the Scups location. Never been to KO so happy to hear peoples' opinions.

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  1. KO is great. I've only had the beef pie but it was much better than the pies of my youth (in reality as opposed to nostalgic memory). Nice flaky puff pastry crust. Other items look great (lamb shank pies, corn fritters). Very nice owner.

    1. I hope that they are open on Sundays and Mondays. I always seem to crave them when they are closed. The current location is more convienent for me (just a couple blocks from the redline stop after South Station), but I'm willing to go further if they are open those days.

      I have enjoyed all that I have gotten there. Great flaky crust, moist but not soggy filling. Lamb pie, beef w/cheese, and the sausage rolls. I keep meaning to try the veg. roll, but I cant not get the sausage. Its an addiction. I'm not ashamed.

      1. We ate here last week after getting into Logan. We shared a round of Thai fish cakes which were a little spicy and very refreshing. The pastry on the crust is flaky and lovely, though both the lamb shank and beef stew fillings felt slightly under seasoned/boring to me. Regardless, the spot is a lovely place to enjoy a beer and the owner is incredibly nice. We were there on a Friday and the place was crowded, but not packed.