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Jun 8, 2012 09:54 AM

20 adults - around East 23rd places to eat for 2 hours

While our kids are at their graduation party, we 20 or so adults would like to have dinner and drinks in the vicinity of East 23rd preferably around 1, 2, 3rd avenues up or down from 23rd by 4 blocks. We have 2 hours and have to be back to pick up our kids near the Water Club the FDR. The Water club is too formal for this evening. We also do not want to be somewhere that we all have to shout at each other to talk. I am not that familiar with the area anymore except for Craft Bar, which again, the peeps think is too formal for the evening. But, I don't want a rowdy pub either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: H Manning

      I agree that Riverpark would be great. You also might consider Bistro Lamazou on 3rd Avenue between 25th and 26th or 'inoteca on 24th and 3rd, though the latter can get loud-ish sometimes.

      1. re: noodlelust

        When 'inoteca Gramercy is busy, is not "loud-ish." It's LOUD!

      2. re: H Manning

        +1 on Riverpark.
        Given that you're a big group, you may want to call ahead and consider their private room. You definitely won't be shouting at each other in the room.

      3. I like Riverpark, but if your group will find Craftbar too formal, I think they'll have the same problem with Riverpark, which is possibly a bit more formal in vibe than Craftbar. However, I'm not sure what else to suggest to you.