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Jun 8, 2012 09:22 AM

Upper West Side Birthday Dinner for young 87 year old

It is impossible? Dinner for 10, three generations. Fairly priced UWS location, Good Food. I welcome recommendations please.

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  1. Depending on what you mean by "fairly priced," Lincoln's private dining room is quite reasonable and would be perfect for your occasion.

    Telepan also has a semi private room that might be suitable.

    What kind of ambience are you looking for? Most restaurants that won't require a private room for parties of 10 will most likely be cramped and loud.

    1. Alouette located on 98th and Broadway. The food is good, the wine decent to very good. The good thing about this restaurant and your size of peeps is that, you will be able to sit together and talk without having to shout at each other. Call ahead and make a reservation...they have an upstairs room that will basically be really great for your size party - intimate though lively enough with others that you will not feel in Siberia but again, and its important at 87 to be able to HEAR what everyone is saying, you and your guests will be able to talk not shout at each other.

      Nice Matin has a good menu but the acoustics are not great and it gets noisy.

      1. Rather than to suggest another place: What do you want to spend? I mean, I might recommend Kefi, though it can be rather loud, and ask for the ground floor rather than the basement if anyone will have trouble with a flight of stairs. But if "Fairly priced" just means good value in any price category, maybe Jean Georges qualifies. In other words, I don't really know how to answer your query, without further information.

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          Thanks for your interest Pan. I figure $50 per person all in.

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            Including drinks, tax, and tip? Then you should indeed be looking at places like Kefi. It's actually a bit cheaper than that, but with the caveat that it can be loud and crowded, I've never had less than a tasty meal there.

        2. How about Atlantic Grill. It usually is much less crowded in the back room of the restaurant.

          1. You might consider La Mirabelle @ 86th & Columbus. Very old style French. Not sure if they can seat 10 downstairs, but they can upstairs. Can the 87-year-old walk up a flight? The place gets a bit of grief for having an older clientele, but my 17-year-old grandson--the French restaurant connoisseur--thinks it's the best French restaurant on the UWS and is very comfortable there.