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Looking for a wedding cake that tastes amazing.

So, I'm looking for a bakery that produces cakes that taste amazing. I don't give a rat's ass about fondant (I hate it, to tell the truth). I'm after a flavorful, perfect, rich, not overly sweet, delicious cake with tasty frosting. I'm looking for the Platonic ideal of cakes, a cake that when you taste it, you're like "this is everything layer cake should be and more besides," and you get the same feeling you had when you ate cake as a kid.

Anyone got any suggestions? :) Thanks!

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  1. Our cake from Fluffy Thoughts was pretty perfect.

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      I had an extremely bad experience with FT. I would never, ever use them again. Long story short, service was atrocious and incompetent, cake was made incorrectly, and they would not correct the mistakes at the time nor issue any refund. In retrospect, I wish I would have used Leslie.

      And taste wise, I thought nothing special. IMO, it didn't taste like anything I am not capable of making myself. My wedding cake (out of state) tasted - as well as looked - extraordinary.

    2. We had a giant Smith Island Cake made for our wedding, it was delicious, the cake itself was made by the Greenbrier, but http://www.smithislandcakes.net/index... The Sweet Shoppe provided the icing and guidance. They would have done our wedding cake, but the Greenbrier had certain restrictions on cakes. Anyway that is such a tasty, amazing wedding cake.

      1. We got our wedding cake from Fancy Cakes by Leslie in Bethesda and it was exactly as you describe! So delicious and not "wedding cakey" at all but still beautiful.


        1. i cant remember the name but there is a hispanic bakery on the corner of viers mill road and randolph road next to Rodmans in Rockville that has beautiful and delicious cakes that they can custom make for you. plus they are reasonable in pricing.

          1. Not a wedding cake, but I ordered and served a large birthday cake from Just Cakes in Bethesda that was perfect. They only use natural ingredients, like butter, and did buttercream icing from the birthday cake, which was made to look like a basket of strawberries. All guests said it was the best cake they had ever had. Our own wedding cake came from Design Cuisine and was chocolate with raspberry filling and white buttercream frosting. It was wonderful and all guests though it was great.

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              Try Les Delices in Rockville, on E. Gude. Everything I have had there has been fabulous.

            2. Are you looking for a layer cake or a wedding cake? The two aren't the same. Most wedding cakes, especially the better quality ones, tend to feature multiple layers of genoise sandwiched with buttercream, which isn't the same as a 2-3 layer yellow butter cake with chocolate icing.

              Anyway, my wedding cake came from Patisserie Poupon's Baltimore store. There's also a store in DC on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. It was a lovely cake and people said it tasted wonderful, but being my wedding day I can't honestly remember what it tasted like and I'm sure you won't either.

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                I remember my Patisserie Poupon cake very well - it was as delicious as it was gorgeous.

              2. Thanks, guys! These are some great leads, I'll definitely check them all out.

                ...Although, @Roland Parker, do not underestimate my love of cake. I really like cake. I'll notice. ;)

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                  if you want to, you'll remember your wedding cake:)
                  I saved the top (all three tiers were diff flavors) and ate it piece by piece while my husband was in AFG. It was delicious straight outta the freezer as well as thawed hehe

                2. Art and Cake Bakery in Arbutus, MD, just outside of Baltimore, makes amazing cakes. Real, natural ingredients such as butter, cream, vanilla, etc.


                  1. I second Leslie's Fancy cakes. the cake actually tasted better at the wedding then it did at the tasting. We were very impressed. Not to mention she made our cake look like the US Capitol.

                    1. I'm a total fangirl of desserts by gerard, in Oxon Hill. Amazing cake and beautifully done.

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                        Randolph's also has nice cakes in NoVa.

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                          We had our wedding cake done by Pastries by Randolph in 1994 (how time flies!) and they did a great job. I also recommend Tivoli or Watergate Pastry. Watergate supplies Tivoli's cakes and they taste phenomenal.

                      2. i heartily recommend heidelberg bakery in arlington, virginia. they did our wedding cake, which was a moist and flavorful yellow cake with a very fine crumb, with almond creme filling and marzipan covering. so many people raved about our wedding cake. http://www.heidelbergbakery.com/?q=no...

                        pastries by randolph is good, too. (by the way, i love their almond croissants and something they call "almond flat." but heidelberg has better eclairs.).

                        1. Miss Nancy's Fancy Bakery in Annapolis. We got our cake there and I've gone back for an anniversary cake every year.

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                            Had an excellent strawberry buttercream fancy sheet cake from Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore last week. There may be a similarly-named but unrelated one in DC.

                          2. I highly recommend "Oh What a Cake!" for wedding cake nirvana. We absolutely loved our wedding cake. The bakery is located in Columbia. Marcia will make whatever you desire -- taste and decoration. Amazing!

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                              I don't know about Oh What a Cake. Their cupcakes are pretty dry and the flavors so-so. I've had a lot of stellar homemade cakes in my life (and the waistline to prove it) and this place doesn't measure up. I think you can do better, HungryGrad.

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                                Yikes! Too bad about those dry cupcakes, ivysmom. :(

                                As mentioned, our wedding cake was fab, as was a friend's wedding and groom's cakes. Good luck, HungryGrad!