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Jun 8, 2012 08:48 AM

When do you add wine when making sangria?

I have followed two different methods in the past: 1) add booze, fruit, sugar, and wine (basically prepare it in total) and allow it to hang out for 8-24 hours and 2) combine all ingredients except wine and allow to chill, then add wine before serving.

My preference in the past has been for the first option. When adding wine just before serving I have found that it doesn't have much character and tastes simply like ice cold sweetened red wine.

What's traditional here? Any preferences or thoughts?

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  1. I mix it all together up front. It seems to blend together better. I really like the red sangria at California Pizza kitchen and I know they mix a batch all together and store it in a pitcher.

    1. I add the wine at the beginning, after muddling the fruit a bit. Sometimes I add sugar, sometimes I don't...... and I'll add club soda too, depending on who's going to be enjoying it with me. Then let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour. Letting the fruit absorb the wine, and the fruit permeate the liquid as well, adds a lot to a good Sangria. I recently tried one with a base of brandied cherries.............. WOW!!!!!!!

      1. I defer to the matriarch Julia, and add it to the cook first.

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          But yes, I start with it all mixed up at the same time, too -- the flavors marry better.

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            Too Funny, yeah... whenever I cook with liquor I do a terrible impression "...and one for the cook" then possibly "... and just to double check the quality... two for the cook"