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Jun 8, 2012 08:44 AM

Litton Simmer Pot

I just picked up a 8&1/2"-wide clay Litton Simmer Pot at a thrift store. The bottom half is glazed but not the top. I was hoping to roast chicken in it (although it's a little narrow), but I don't really know what it's best for. Any suggestions? Recipes?

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  1. Hi, chefMolnar:

    These are versatile and great, and chicken is an excellent first choice.

    For info and recipes, try


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Thanks for the link. I did try the pot last night with a small chicken. I surrounded it with small red potatoes, carrots, and pearl onions and put rosemary and thyme sprigs and some stock. It was delicious, although it didn't come out golden brown. I guess I will put in less stock or let it brown uncovered for the last 10 minutes.
      There is one problem. Afterwards I noticed a hairline crack in the lower half. Is this fatal, or can it be repaired? Anyone know?

      1. re: chefMolnar

        Hi, chefMolnar:

        Repair? No. You did soak it first, right?

        As for fatality, maybe. If it cracks apart or leaks, obviously it's DOA. A hairline crack in the glaze might just be crazing--I have US-made Flameware that shows cracks and just keeps going and going...

        If yours is like the one I saw on eBay last night, it is of modern European manufacture, which probably means no lead or cadmium were used in the glaze or the terra cotta. So chances are, it's safe to use. If you have any doubt, Romertopf, Schlemmertopfs and other examples are widely available at thrift stores, yard sales and over the net.

        In any event, I would put a sheetpan under it whenever It's in the oven.


        1. re: kaleokahu

          Hi Kaleo,

          I did soak it first and for all I know the crack was there when I bought it. At any rate, I'll just put a sheetpan under it next time as you suggest.

          The bottom of the pot says W Germany, but it doesn't look much older than 20 years or so.