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Quincy Ice Cream Molly-Moo's

There's a great little ice cream shop in Quincy that opened this spring. It's called Molly Moo's on Beach St .

They have these great homemade ice cream sandwiches made with fresh cookies that are to die for. They also do hard ice cream "blizzards" with fresh ingredients.

So good and it's around the corner from my house.


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    1. Tough location for retail. I'll give it a try, but the locals better like to eat ice cream in the winter. They are going to need a lot of luck.

      1. Didn't they used to be in Canton in the shopping plaza with Marshall's and Halfway Cafe?

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          It was in canton. The ice cream was pretty good and looked liked a good location, next to starbucks and bertucci's. Several other places went out of business in the same spot and now there a ups store or something similar.

          Good luck, hope you have parking for the new site.

          Or was that Maggie Moos in canton?

        2. I'm trying to figure the exact location, but can't view the web site because the iPad doesn't support flash. Is it across from the old brick school turned condo? where the flag shop used to be?

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            That's it Peg. Did a drive by the other day. Will give it a try soon.

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              Thanks Dan. I kind of figured that was the location. Parking is pretty tough there so I hope it works out for them. It's convenient for me so I'll probably give it a try.

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                I stopped by today. It was just a few blocks from Wollaston Beach. The whole block was empty and I parked right out front. They had lots of favors....some reminded me of Christine's. I asked where their ice cream was made and the 2 teens behind the counter didn't know and said "some ice cream maler.". I wasn't in an adventurous mood and for chocolate chip. It was disappointing. The chocolate had itty bitty slivers like Howard Johnson's which I liked. Uncortunatly, the vanilla base reminded me of Sealtest or some other bulk supermarket brand. it had a very slight yellow tint. The chocolate slivers didn't have a high quality taste. I went out of my way to go there after reading about it and probably won't be back. Fortunately, I stopped at Fresh Market in Hingham on my way back to Boston and got a few pints of Graeters to get me through the next few weeks..

                1. re: catsmeow

                  Oh that's disappointing. I was hoping for some quality ice cream; maybe even ginger or cardamom flavors.

          2. In the "About" blurb on the website, it says they've teamed up with Christina's to develop the 30 flavors.

            1. How does it compare to "Frozen Freddies"? That's my current favorite Ice Cream shop in Quincy.

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                This place is great It doesn't compare to frozen freddies. The ice cream is from Christinas I asked the owner. The parking is no problem many spots out front and on side street just like frozen freddies. This place does a couple really cool things. First of all they stuff cannoli shells with hard ice cream (they fill it with ice cream and put two huge scoops on each end. Second the ice cream sandwich is sooo good. You pick your cookie and then pick your ice cream they scoop 3 heapings of ice cream on the cookie and then they mash it together. The combination of the fresh made cookies and hard ice cream is to die for. I am not a big Vanilla fan ,even though they have a Yellow Vanilla which i like but it's kind of Vanilla if ya know what I mean. Try the coconut Butterfinger or Burnt sugar they are awesome. Oh BTW it's on Beach street in the neighborhood the line was out the door on Sunday it seems successful already.

                1. re: Mtarek

                  Let me welcome you to the board as I see this is your first post. Could you possibly share with us some of the more unique flavors they carry. I like Christina's ice cream especially the chocolate chili version they used to make for hell night at East Coast Grill. Not convinced about the parking though as Beach is pretty narrow and that corner is a nuisance. I would think of giving it a try if they had interesting enough flavors.

                  1. re: Pegmeister

                    Kind of Ironic just came from here again . You should definitely give this place a try. I can't remember all the other flavors but I remember baileys irish cream, carrot cake, Red velvet. I can personally vouch for the Pistachio Almondine and banana with Nutella on it.. Best around ! Don't worry about parking you can make a left or right after the ice cream shop and park anywhere. Oh and one more thing you can get Coca Cola from Mexico here ya know the stuff with real Sugar Cane.

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                      Stopped by today and picked up a couple of pints. They didn't have enough pistachio almondine to make a pint so I picked up coconut butterfinger, dulce de leche and burnt sugar. I did get to taste the pistachio as he gave me a small cup to try while I waited. It was good, nice texture, not as pronounced pistachio flavor as other brands I tried. He didn't think he would be expanding on the flavors but when I mentioned the chocolate chili he thought he might add that. If so, I'll go back

                      1. re: Pegmeister

                        Just saw a status update on there facebook they are getting the Choc Chili on Wednesday and also Chocolate disaster (choc oreo and brownie). Looks like they responded to your request.

                        1. re: Mtarek

                          OMG you are the best!!! I will stop by. So far my favorite has been the coconut butter finger.

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                            Grrrr! Stopped on my way home from work to pick up some of the chocolate chili and neither of the promised new flavors were available. Young kid behind the counter didn't have any info.

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                              I went over there to try it today too. DAMN YOU! Lol. The owner was there when i went in. He said christinas screwed up the order and brought him plain old chocolate by accident. He seemed as dissapointed as we are. They are delivering it on saturday. They did get the new choc disaster which i did try and it was awesome.

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                                    if you take a right at the hyundai dealership off of southern artery its on your left. Frozen freddies doesnt touch this place in terms of ice cream and customer service. The owner is kind of mooy and unpleasant there. Dont think she likes kids.

              2. Wonder if there's any connection to the popular Molly Moon ice cream shops in Seattle.

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                  Its official they got it in. Just tried some. WOW! I guess christinas screwed up there delivery the ownr said.

                  1. re: Mtarek

                    You got the chocolate chili? Dam I drove past today and didn't stop. Th Christina's version I had also had nuts and berries in it. Does this?

                    1. re: Mtarek

                      Well they just lost this poster as a customer. Stopped by once again today and no chocolate chili. Their web page is not functioning and their facebook posts are not true. He just figures get them in the door and they'll purchase a substitute. Sorry they have potential but need to get their act together. Owner has only been in the shop once in four visits.