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Jun 8, 2012 08:30 AM

Sunday breakfast/brunch challenge - help!

My Father's Day brunch plans have morphed and now I've got an even bigger challenge, so I'm seeking some help. On that day, I have an amorphous sized group--anywhere between 9 and 12, and no clear time (except that we will all manage to convene sometime before 10:30), so I can't make a reservation. The party's ages range from 8 to 80, so a long wait is also not ideal. People are staying various midtown east locations, from 39th-52nd. I realize we won't likely get a single table together, but where can we show up and be able to eat in relative proximity? I also realize that food quality will suffer with these parameters, but I'd like something relatively decent.

My current thought is to show up at Sarabeth's Central Park South location as early as possible and hope the wait won't be too bad (they told me it doesn't get too busy until 11). Any other ideas? Any decent delis we could all make it to? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Try somewhere like City Bakery, which is a brunch buffet/bar. You should be able to sit together, especially upstairs. Don't miss their french toast.

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      That looks like a great idea. I can't tell from the website, are the cooked foods a buffet, or are they made to order?

      Also, any other ideas a little further uptown in case my elderly aunt thinks that is too far to go?

      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        They are part of the buffet, at least, the cooked foods I've eaten there.

        I've never been but maybe Food Hall at the Plaza. Another option is a picnic in the park with wares from Epicurie Boulud, Whole Foods, Jacques Torres, and/or Salumeria Rosi.

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      1. I had a great brunch at Artisanal for my mother's birthday. They would be able to accomodate a large party and have a pretty diverse menu full of breakfast and lunch type options. Also pretty reasonable too.

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          While I love brunch at Artisanal, the restaurant becomes very crazy on holidays. Reservations are essential for holidays and especially for a large group.

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          1. Ack! One of our group wants to go to the Sarabeth's in Lord & Taylor b/c it is close to where she is staying and they will take a reservation. It sounds dismal from what I can tell. I'm lobbying for City Bakery, but thinking maybe a deli might be our best option. How's Sarge's? The location is good.

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              I adore Sarge's! I'm one of their biggest pastrami fans (prefer it to Katz's pastrami). I used to live in the neighborhood, and I used to visit often. I love their chopped liver and noodle pudding too. It's very casual. Since the menu is so large, there should be something for everyone in your group.