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Jun 8, 2012 08:27 AM

Yokan in New Jersey?

I have been looking for a good Japanese restaurant in my area that serves yokan. A place near me used to serve it but no longer do, and the only suggestions Yelp has are in NYC. There's an Asian supermarket near my office- I haven't tried them yet- but I'm more interested in finding a restaurant that serves yokan. (And I'd rather not make it myself.)
Anyone know any good places in Central Jersey?

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  1. I saw yokan at Wegmanns but never tried it. I'm sure that it's ok but prob not the best you've ever had

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        You don't say where you are in central Jersey but if you're near Somerville try Shumi, which has wonderful sushi. They certainly used to have yokan though I must admit I have not been to Shumi for several years.

        1. re: ambrose

          I live in Scotch Plains but work in Middlesex so I'll give Shumi a try. Reviews seem mixed on Yelp but no mention of yokan there.

          1. re: kholderied

            If you go, go for the sushi, don't bother with anything else. There was a NY Times review that mentioned the yokan. If I were you, I'd phone Shumi to make sure they have yokan.