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Did anyone make it to the the new Fairway in Woodland Park?

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They had their opening on Wednesday I think. I'm interested to hear any feedback on the store and how it compares to the Paramus store. I live about 15 miles from each and have been making the trip to Paramus every 2-3 weeks since they opened. Though it is still early days for the new store, ultimately I will want to know which is the better store to justify the drive.

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  1. 63,000 sq feet in Woodland Park. Much bigger. Used to be a Pathmark. Cafe closes at 8pm so coffee to drink not possible fter 8. That will have to change. Nice to be able to get gourmet food in NJ at reasonable prices.

    1. I'm a regular in Paramus, but I made the trip to the West Paterson store tonight. Impressions?

      It's bigger than Paramus. It's nicer than Paramus. Is it worth the trip if Paramus is closer? Read on...

      The store is beautiful. You won't doubt you're at a Fairway, but everything about the store seems to be a bit more upscale and higher-end than Paramus. Even the scales and price tags are new.

      The store is about 10,000 square feet large than Paramus, but it seems much larger than that. The long aisle at the back of the store, which has the deli, seafood, and butcher departments on one side and groceries on the other side, seems like it's twice the size of the one in Paramus.

      I was surprised that while the grocery section seems larger than in Paramus, the other sections seem to be about the same size. The produce, bakery, deli, and butcher departments all seem to be about the same size as the Paramus departments. Along those lines, I really didn't see a whole lot of stuff that wasn't offered in Paramus.

      There are two things the WP store offers that Paramus doesn't: the cafe, which isn't as big as I pictured, but is nice, and contains the hot and cold bars, which have more offerings than in Paramus. There were four sections, three hot, and one cold. The hot bars were divided into Indian, Comfort Food, and one other section I can't remember. I don't know if these are going to be permanent stations or if they're going to switch. One thing I did like was everything was labeled, and ingredients were listed on the tags (unlike in Paramus). Oh, and the booze! The wine store appears to be in a totally separate section, which I'm not sure if you can access from the main store. However, they had some of the specials in the main store (for example, they had Blue Moon 12 pks. for $13.99 on display in the front by the registers).

      They had some nice grand opening specials: Fresh Atlantic salmon for $4.95 per pound (farmed, but what do you expect for $4.95?), pre-packaged bakery cookies (whoopie pies, fruit cookies, etc.) for $2.99 per package (they go for $4.99 - $5.99 regularly in Paramus, and they're all freekin' delicious), whole beef filet for $5.99 per pound, and parmigiano reggiano for $9.99 per pound.

      The store was busy, but nothing like the madhouse that engulfed the Paramus store during the first week. I hate crowds, but this was a reasonable busy. Waits at the departments were minimal. That could be because they brought in extra help for the first few weeks, but hopefully the trend will continue.

      They're also giving away $10 off $100 coupons throughout June, which makes my decision on which store to go to for the next month a little easier!

      Is it going to be worth a special trip to the WP store for me in the future? Probably not, but I'll be going there as long as the grand opening specials and coupons keep flowing. After that, I'll probably return to Paramus. Yes, it's beautiful, but like I said, just about everything they had is available in Paramus.

      If the two stores are equal in distance for you, then I say go to WP. For others closer to Paramus, that store will continue to serve you well.

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        Oh, one other advantage to the WP store: it's way closer to all the Corrado's locations! It was a PITA for me when I wanted to go to both Corrado's and Fairway and I had to travel all the way to Clifton or Wayne and then all the way back to Paramus. While it's still a little bit of a ride, it's much less of one now, and much easier to hit both stores in one trip!

      2. Many thanks for those reviews. May take a trip out to WP tomorrow.

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          If you go in the morning, be sure to get some Fairway smoked salmon sliced by Terry, the Smoked Salmon Ninja! In the WP store for a limited time!

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            I've been a frequent flier at their Paramus store as well. The WP store is beautiful, very spacious and spotless. The produce is high quality....quite a large organic section, too. Other than their "specials", Fairway in WP prices are significantly higher than nearby Shop-Rite and Corrado's. I believe that they will have a difficult time in that area. Very few customers were there earlier today...sort of odd considering that they just opened the store. Good luck to them....and I hope that the parking lot and store never ever flood again.

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              This has been my chief complaint about Fairway. While they still have great stuff and there are still deals to be had, they have raised their prices a lot since they opened in Paramus three years ago. Corrado's is often significantly cheaper on most items, and the items, at least in the Wayne location, are the same quality as what you'd typically get at Fairway.

              As for Shop-Rite? Well, they're still the best of the major supermarket chains in this area, but I prefer shopping at Fairway/Corrado's.

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                Corrado's has great specials in their weekly flier, too. The Wayne store has very good quality in all departments and very good prices all around.....friendly, helpful staff, too. They are doing alot of things right at Corrado's. I think that Fairway in WP needs to rethink their business model a bit......this isn't an affluent area like northern Bergen County.

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                  They sure do. I got so excited when Corrado's started putting the flyers out. But they only do them every other week. They need to put them out weekly.

                  A few months ago before Fairway opened, I stated that I thought the West Paterson location might have been a little "lowbrow" for Fairway. It's certainly not a bad town, and there certainly are some affluent towns nearby, but overall the area is not of the same affluence as the Northern Bergen County area where the Paramus Fairway is. Not to mention it might be a shock for the people in the area used to shopping at the Pathmark (which was horrible, BTW) to get used to the higher prices, no matter how much better the quality of the food may be.

                  And then there's the Corrado's factor. The WP Fairway is almost smack-dab in the middle of the Clifton, Wayne, and Fairfield Corrado's stores, and not that far away from any of them. Corrado's is a much bigger threat to this store than to the Paramus store, which is further away.

                  Now Corrado's, even in Wayne, isn't perfect. Some items in produce are sometimes past their prime and their butter cookies from their bakery are pretty lousy. But when I can get a lemon for $.10 instead of $.89, I can live with the produce having a little shorter shelf life.

                  I still love Fairway and the WP store is beautiful, but they may indeed need to make some changes to keep up with Corrado's and the Little Falls Shop-Rite. It should be a very interesting battle.

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                    I'm looking forward to checking out the WP store, as I still haven't ventured up to Paramus yet--and I'm equidistant to both locations. BUT. I hate trekking up 17 or the GSP on Saturdays, so hopping down Rts 3/46 is more appealing, at least to me.

                    I think you need to remember a few things about the location:
                    a) since most Bergen Cty shopping is closed on Sunday, a LOT of it gets pushed south to the Rt 3/46 corridor (trust me--I live here and I see it!) and

                    b) in addition to Wayne, you've got people living in Montclair, the northern end of W. Orange, Verona, Caldwells, etc. that don't have as many local big store options (exception: W. Caldwell Shop Rite) that aren't overpriced (Kings, Whole Foods). I suspect that many of those people aren't as likely to trek to either Corrado's (and sorry, but only the Wayne store comes close to being CLEAN).

                    It'll be interesting to see how it goes!

        2. I made it out to the WP store last week.

          To be frank, there really isn't a big difference between it and the Paramus store. The produce, meat and cheese seemed to carry the same items at similar prices (at least for the items that I typically buy).

          One thing that did annoy me is that while the WP store had Prime NY Strips on sale which I often buy in Paramus, but they were cut too thin. Why buy USDA Prime if they are not thick enough to take advantage of the marbling?

          Even though the WP store is about the same distance from my home as the Paramus store, I think I'll stick to the Paramus store. I just don't really like driving on 46. A Sunday jaunt up to the mostly deserted Rt 17 is much easier.

          1. I'm kind of curious to see how Fairway does in this location. It's out of my way but I stopped in last month (on a Friday late afternoon). I liked a number of things about the store. The produce section is large and diverse (great lettuce assortment) but I had a hard time finding shallots that weren't long past their prime. Love the olive bar, really interesting assortment of sodas, and in general, enjoyed wandering through the store. There were a number of loss leaders that were well priced, but in general, I thought their prices were high. If I lived in the area, I'd shop there much as I do at Trader Joes (to pick up a few items but not to do my regular shopping). The real surprise was that there was no wait at the check out. It could be because they had a lot of cashiers but I think it was because the store wasn't crowded. Very different than it was when it was the Pathmark.

            1. I've been to the WP Fairway a number of times now. It is well situated for our purposes. Now that the cafe manager managed to be able to serve stronger coffee, we're happy. Prices and selection are better than our 'home' Fairway on UWS. Fairway has more healthy food than Corrados as well as a more comprehensive selection. It is always a drag to go to the Wayne Corrados and find no frozen peas or no green beans. This means that one definitely has to go to two stores instead of one. The Little Falls Shoprite is quite big but doesn't have the upscale selection of the Lincoln Park/Pequannock Shoprite. The WP Fairway is also well laid out. I dislike the Paramus store because it has a terrible layout. I hope the WP Fairway is successful.


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                I went back to the WP Fairway a second time, and for sure, it's more attractive and laid out better than Paramus. But the parking lot there is even crazier! And, as I stated in my first post about the WP Fairway, there really isn't a whole lot available that isn't available in Paramus, with two exceptions: the alcohol and the expanded hot and cold bars.

                BTW, has anyone else noticed that since the WP Fairway opened, Corrado's has put out a flyer every week? They've been putting out the flyers biweekly for about a year now, but now I've been seeing them every week. They must be nervous. Fairway definitely has more oddball upscale offerings than Corrado's, but on run of the mill "gourmet" items, Corrado's simply can't be beat. For example, they have parmigiano reggiano on sale for $9.99 per pound next week, pecorino romano for $3.99 per pound, and drunken goat cheese on sale for $8.99 per pound. I've bought the drunken goat before a few times at Fairway, and, even on sale, it was probably double that price. Tomatoes are $.69 per pound next week. I've gotten fresh chicken breast tenders there for $1.59 per pound, and most of the prepared foods are in the $4.99 per lb. range. Their cut fruit is also probably 40% of the typical prices at Fairway.

                I love both places. But Fairway has raised their prices a lot over the past three years, and now that the grand opening specials at the WP are starting to wane, people in the area are going to have a much harder decision to make about where to shop.

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                  Fairway and Corrado's are apples and oranges. Corrado's is mainly for budget purposes. Fairway is for splurge and variety.

              2. I've been there a few times since they opened. While the store is busy, it's not like the Paramus location. Passing by the Shoprite to get back on Rt46, I noticed how packed their parking lot was,...much more than the Fairway lot.

                I'd rather shop here, than at Whole Foods. Same quality and better section. Smoked salmon and freshly roasted coffee beans are a must buy.

                1. OK, having returned to the WP Fairway about five times now, I've been able to make a better comparison between the two stores:

                  - WP is much less busy than Paramus.

                  - WP is a nicer, better laid out store.

                  - Call me crazy, but I'm finding a lot of items from the departments to be slightly tastier from the WP store. The cookies from the bakery are more consistently cooked properly, and even the prepackaged cookies have a slightly better, more intense butter/cream flavor than the ones from Paramus. I'm finding the mozzarella at WP is a bit softer and creamier too. Maybe newer equipment is making a difference?

                  - While the selections in the specialty departments of the two stores seem to be pretty much the same, WP seems to have a bigger selection of high-end, wacky gourmet groceries. For example, they had a display of some kind of fancy anchovies that I've never seen in Paramus. In addition, I was able to pick up a certain brand of sun-dried tomato pesto at WP a few days ago that Paramus stopped carrying about two years ago.

                  -The hot/cold bar is way better in WP, but I'm noticing that they're starting to limit the selections a bit more. One whole section was empty/unfilled when I went this evening.

                  - It doesn't seem like the WP store has the Paramus store's "short cuts" to get from one area to another quickly.

                  - Many sale prices are still cheaper in WP, but I imagine this will fade as the store gets older.

                  Overall, I'm enjoying the WP store, although I'm a little nervous that if the crowds don't pick up soon, Fairway may start to worry and reconsider keeping a store open in this location. Hey, it can always be turned back into the Pathmark, right? )))Shudder(((

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                    Yep, I've been going to the Woodland Park store since it opened, as it's much closer to me than the Paramus store.

                    It's a great store, but it's been very "uncrowded" the last couple of times I went there, weekdays during the day. I love it, but I don't think there's going to be much of a customer base; several times I've heard people remark that they thought the produce was going to be cheaper than at, say, Shoprite. They're not looking for high quality and choice, nor have they come for the amazing cheese department, and so forth.
                    I hope it does well because it's close enough to my home that I can go there once a week.

                    1. re: grandpamarian

                      I was at the store late yesterday afternoon when you would expect it to be busy. It was not . I know August is slow but still I wonder if Fairway has misjudged. Today I saw an online ad for Fairway on Baristanet, the local Montclair blog. Perhaps they are just not getting customers from nearby Passaic County communities. I hope they make it because it's so convenient for me. I'll gp to WP to make sure I can get fresh figs, but Paramus would be a stretch.

                  2. I've been there twice and I think it is horrible. The first time I went was for the grand opening, fresh bread, fresh cold cuts, fresh meats, etc. Though it was great, all of the packaged items were way overpriced. Good quality meats and fish were also expensive. Unless you buy "fairway" brand it will be cheaper, but in that case you might as well buy American Choice. The massive amount of produce does not go fast and went bad in a couple of days. My avocados were brown inside, corn tasted disgusting, lettuce went bad. All 3 of my Stonyfield yogurts were curdled (don't know if it was the company's fault or the store). Didn't like the open pickled items (olives, artichokes, etc), just didn't seem very sanitary to me. Haven't tried the cheeses or fresh ground coffee, but I buy Keurig coffee anyway and they didn't sell any brands I was familiar with. No reason to pay double price for paper towels, club soda, snacks. I prefer Shoprite across the street. But between that Fairway and the one in Paramus, I choose Paramus.