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Jun 8, 2012 08:22 AM

Charleston SC

Will be in town in June and want to know, NEED to know, quintessential lowcountry fare. Meat lockers, smoked pig parts (not BBQ), selling shrimp off the boat, equipment stores, things like that.
Thank you, and I appreciate it.

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  1. OK, help me out. Need to know what about quintessential lowcountry fare? What it is? Where to find it?

    Meat lockers? To buy? To store stuff?

    What kind of smoked pig parts? Husk smokes pigs.

    Tommy Edwards has the Mrs. Judy Two and sells shrimp from his boat. Call him in the morning and tell him how much you need. Then you'll take your cooler to the dock on SHem Creek and pick it up. 8434422970. If you just need a pound or 2 get them at Wando or Magwood's on Shem Creek.

    Equipment stores? What kind of equipment?

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      OK; Will be in town (VISITING) in June and want to know, NEED to know quintessential lowcountry fare (I Googled it, and want to find it and eat it). Meat lockers (to buy, remember I'm visiting !), smoked pig parts (anything), selling shrimp off the boat, equipment stores ( local stores that sell equipment related to FOOD !), things like that.
      whew , thankyouandIappreciateit !

      1. re: 3MTA3

        OK. Lowcountry fare is everywhere. A partial list would include shrimp and grits, anything and grits. okra soup, hobotee, Country Captain fried chicken, all kinds of fresh fish, greens, biscuits, tried okra, fried pickles, fried oysters in season. If you're staying in the Historic District just walk out your door, go down to East Bay, Anson, King or Queen streets and look at the menus. Here's a very recent thread that has some excellent information about restaurants:

        By meat locker do you mean cooler? Like you put ice and food in to take to the beach? Those you can get at Walmart or Target or any grocery store. The only real meat locker I know about is at Marvin's Meats down in Hollywood, where hunters take their game to be stored while waiting for Mr. Marvin to process.

        Smoked pig parts can be found at any barbeque place but you said not barbeque. Like I stated, Husk does pig ears, etc.

        I told you how to get shrimp off the boat at Shem Creek.

        There are 2 good kitchen stores. One is Charleston Cooks on East Bay in the HD, the other is Coastal Cupboard in Mt Pleasant.

        1. re: 3MTA3

          When you Googled "quintessential low county fare" what specific dishes did it list?

          What in the world is a meat locker? Is it, as Sue in Mt P suggested, a cooler? If so, I have never heard that term before.

            1. re: Sue in Mt P

              Sue, You pretty much had it right.

              The poster is referring to a small local provider of artisanally produced natural meet products.This could be anything from grass fed beef,to heirlook pork to game.Often a carcass is custom aged (in a meat locker/cooler) to the buyers specification,usually as a whole carcass.Its just a natural extension of the farm to table movement

              1. re: mollybelle

                Well, thanks for that, mollybelle. I did ask for clarification!

                I can only imagine the chefs do that. I wonder how one takes a meat locker on a plane.

        2. Methinks the thread starter just saw Andrew Zimmern's "Bizarre Foods" Charleston episode because it literally featured all of those things he's asking about, including this "meat locker" concept. Basically, what Zimmern did is went to some hunter's home up in McClellanville where he got some recently-hunted venison right out of the "meat locker" they keep in their backyard. Not sure how replicable this is for the normal consumer.

          For smoked pig parts, the episode featured Husk, so Sue in Mt P was correct to suggest Husk.

          For shrimp off the boat, again, Sue listed the places to get fresh (uncooked) shrimp off the boat. If you want a place that serves cooked local shrimp that WAS fresh off the boat, go to TW Graham in McClellanville (after you've poked around random people's backyards for meat lockers), SeeWee in Awendaw (on HWY 17 between McClellanville and Charleston), or The Wreck on Shem Creek (right next to the place you'd be getting fresh uncooked shrimp off the boat).

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          1. re: mikeh

            Ah. Got it. Thanks, mikeh. Now it's starting to make sense.

            I was watching that show and I thought "he don't get out much". I mean, Martha Lou's is not bizarre. I was knitting, which was apparently more interesting than the rest of the show, since I missed the meat locker part. If the OP really is interested, call Marvin's Meats. I have been inside that meat locker, with various deer body parts, and it is what it is. Mistah Marvin would be happy to show somebody fum off around his business.

            I still don't get smoked pig parts without BBQ. I like pig's feet and tails, but they really are not for many consumers.

            mikeh's recs for cooked shrimp are the best. Thanks, everybody, for the back up!

          2. The Fat Hen on John's Island is great. So many choices downtown but this is a nice change of pace and great food.

            1. I'm not even sure how to begin this, so I'll be polite.
              A) Typical Regional Food. Prepared dishes that are unique to the area.
              B) A meat locker WAS a local butcher with a (walk-in) cooler who broke-down your catch, stored it (read: aging), and packaged it for later pick-up. He kept/sold what you didn't want. Over the years, there are less hunters and more consumers, butchers buy additional meat(whatever) and sell it to the general public. It costs a lot of $$ to change the name of a business(county seat doesn't like the paperwork), so, old-school joints may still be called meat lockers, newer ones may be called markets, and so on.
              C) A (butcher/market) that smokes/sells their own: bacon, ribs, shoulders, ham hocks, pig tails, chops, ears, back strap....this is not BBQ !
              D) Shrimp info was right on, thank you
              E) Discussion about food + equipment stores = joints that sell kitchen equipment, usually retail, for the housewife or professionals

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              1. re: 3MTA3

                If your post is meant as request for more information, I'd say most of your questions have been answered upthread. The only think I can add is you might want to check out Ted's Butcher Block for a local butcher or try the local Piggly Wiggly Supermarkets for pig parts...they usually have a pretty broad range of such stuff. For equipment stores, try Charleston Cooks!

                Also, in regard to changing the name of a business, in SC thats done by the SC Secretary of State Office, and it costs $110.

                1. re: 3MTA3

                  Excellent. Manners are key. It's always good to be polite.

                  A) Asked and answered. Did you read my post?
                  B) Mister Marvin still operates a meat locker. Read my post.
                  C) Husk
                  D) Duh
                  E) Housewives (seriously?) and professionals need different stuff. Too bad you didn't clarify before your trip.

                  See you next time!

                  1. re: Sue in Mt P

                    I love you! ( just don't tell my wife). :-)