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Jun 8, 2012 07:56 AM

Help with Vienna restaurants please

We will be in Vienna on a Sat, Sun, and Mon night and would like to find some nice restaurants not too far from our hotel (near Stadtspark). I have identified Plachutta, Fabio, and Steiereck's as potential choices, but seem unable to locate English menus online. From what I gather, we will need reservations. Prior to making reservations, I would like to ensure we are interested in any of the entrees. Any guidance/advice on how to find menus online or any other recommendations would be welcome. We will be visiting the "usual" tourist stuff and planning to have lunch at the Nachsmarkt on Saturday afternoon. We would like to try at least one "traditional Austrian" restaurant while we are there as well. Thanks!

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  1. Steirereck dinner:

    Plachutta sample menu:

    (you will need a browser with flash to enter, then touch the word "food" at the top of the page)

    1. Diane,

      you are in a bit of trouble. Steiereck is closed on Sat and Sun, though their low cost and very very good spin off Meierei is open on weekends.
      Fabio and Plachutta are in my opinion to be avoided, on all days of the week.
      For a top class Viennese traditional dinner head for Meixner's -


      1. Meierei definitely is recommended, especially for Sunday. Reservation a must !!

        For a more down-to-earth beisl try the Gmoakeller (closed Sunday), also quite nearby: