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Jun 8, 2012 07:50 AM

Cafe Blue Moose, New Hope

There was a recent article in the local papers about this "youth-operated" BYO restuarant so my neighbors and I wanted to try it. We were a party of nine - enough to stress test any restaurant .

The short prix fixe menu makes it a lot easier on the kitchen and waitstaff.

Apps are various salads, and the soup du jour. It was beef and rice yesterday... almost a stew and very filling. Most everyone but me got the various salads and they were fresh and well executed.

We had entrees that included salmon, a beef braise, steak with bearnaise sauce (done exactly as I ordered), and chicken picatta. Everything came with excellent fresh vegetables.

There was also a large selection of desserts that all seemed premise - made. The carrot cake was perfect and our chocoholic loved the port wine brownie.

There were only minor glitches in service... what the young staff lacks in polish they make up for in heart. At the end of our meal we engaged the guy bussing the table in conversation and he turned out to be Skylar, the owner... it's that kind of place. We loved the experience and plan on going back. for a sample menu. read the FAQ. as of this writing they DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.

The newspaper article is at

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  1. Reviewed in this week's Princeton Packet and The Trenton Times a couple of weeks ago--Both reviewers gave really positive reviews--Haven't been, but it's on my list.

    1. We recently visited Blue Moose and found it to be a generally agreeable addition to the New Hope dining scene. The food is solid, although not imaginative. Everything is fresh and well-prepared.
      The ambiance is, thankfully, comfortable, allowing conversation without raised voices. Prices are excellent and service is attentive. They definitely score extra points with the youth angle: you feel good supporting these fine young people in their effort. Any and all of the kitchen staff and wait staff would fit right in at a more expensive area restauratn.