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Jun 8, 2012 07:11 AM

Possible to buy Brazil nuts in the shell?

I'm looking to buy Brazil nuts in the shell. I live in SouthEast Morris County. Anyone know if they exist or where to go?
Thank you

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  1. I see them pretty frequently, but as part of those bulk bins of assorted nuts in the shell. Not sure if you'd get the stink eye for picking out the Brazil nuts from the rest of the herd.

    1. Brazil nuts come out around Winter holiday time (as do many other in shell nuts) But I have not seen them any other time. They have a very high oil content and are therefore prone to going rancid when kept over time (Keeping in a freeze is a good storage method)

      I found this source online :

      And there are various online side that sell them in shell including Amazon.

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        They are very hard to get out of the shell. Be thankful for the availability of shelled Brazils

      2. Newark Nut Company has nearly everything nut-related. They have a store in Newark and a warehouse in Cranford where you can pick up orders if you don't want to pay shipping. I've bought a lot from them and never been disappointed.

        1. Thank you for your replies. I am ordering from the website and picking them up at their warehouse in Cranford. Appreciate the suggestion. By the way, I love the website and found some items I like that are not easy to find in general.

          I had a chuckle after reading dratlover's comment. I'm ordering the Brazil nuts for my daughter who is returning from Brazil after several months studying in the Amazon River Basin. She spent a few days with Brazil nut farmers so she learned to harvest and shell the nuts using a machete for export. She was given a machete which she is bringing home with her (yes...allowed in checked baggage!)


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            That's pretty awesome. Maybe she can write a CH post to tell us of her experience. I am sure it will be well received!