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Jun 8, 2012 06:35 AM

Village Gyro in Flemington

Just saw an ad in the paper for a new Greek restaurant located in the Reading Ridge Center. It says Grand Opening in Early June. Its a good location for them, as there is a new Greek Orthodox church opening up just across the street soon. Hoping they do well. If anyone goes, or has any more information, please report back.

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  1. I saw an earlier ad that neglected to mention the "early June" part! On Tuesday of this week, I drove over to Reading Ridge, intending to have lunch. There was no sign of any activity whatsoever though I could see various pieces of equipment inside, ready to be installed.

    I phoned the next day and was told that the ad I saw was "a mistake" and they expected to open in a couple of weeks. My understanding is that this place is a restaurant AND a grocery store. If true, I am doubly pleased because I will not longer have to go to Somerville to find a Greek restaurant and Hillsborough to find Greek goods.

    BTW, don't forget the Greek festival out on Route 12 towards the end of the month!

    1. That is great news! Yeh for more ethnic food in Hunterdon County! Reading Ridge plaza..... is that the place off of 202 with the Chinese takeout and bagel place?

      1. Village Gyro is open. I went yesterday for lunch and they were quite busy. The space contains a large grocery area, a smaller prepared food area, and then a dine-in area. I found the groceries to be fairly priced and have a good sampling of Greek goods. Coffee, oils, pastas, sweets, etc. They also have a small refrigerated section with filo dough, etc.
        The service was a little awkward, but I'm sure that will get better in time. We ordered a pork shish kebob and a chicken shish kebob. Both were served on a grilled pita with tomato, onion, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce and both were quite good. I preferred the chicken slightly because some of the pork pieces were a bit tough and fatty. The grilled pita was excellent and the condiments were all fresh and tasty. I thought the tzatziki sauce was a little thin; I prefer mine a little thicker. I thought that the prices were pretty fair. Some items I found pricey, but most seemed to be reasonable. I noticed a dessert case as I was leaving. I'll definitely try that out next time.
        The owners came over to greet us and ask our opinions. To me, that's always a good sign. I wish them much success.

        1. Just went this weekend and was pretty impressed. I got takeout and didn't really have a chance to look at the groceries much, so I can't comment on those. The sandwiches I ordered (falafel and chicken souvlaki) were very tasty. Like madgreek said, the veggies on the sandwich were surprisingly crispy and fresh. The souvlaki had plenty of chicken, but my wife thought her falafel could have used more falafel. Got baklava for desert and it had lots of nuts and plenty of honey. Liked it a lot.

          The staff was very friendly and helpful - much more so than I expected. I feel like many times a new place opens in or around Flemington and the staff/service seem are severely lacking - when you open a new place you need to be extra friendly to your new customers. First impressions count! The people here are clearly on that page, as they were really nice and welcoming. Some of the staff was young and obviously still learning, but they were still very friendly. There was a woman there with a strong management presence (owner?) making sure everyone was doing ok.

          I'll definitely be back soon to try some of the other stuff - moussaka and stuffed veggies looked delicious. I hope they do well - food is good, people are friendly, so I'm optimistic!

          1. Ate here late June. Hummus was fabulous served with warm pitas. Had chicken shish kabob as main, juicy and perfectly seasoned. Husband had gyro. He said it was great, I didn't try it. Ordered a side or orzo . Was enough to feed a family of 4 with some sweet tomatoey sauce. Didn't like it so much, reminded me of a weird pasta dish, and for 6 bucks seemed expensive, but I guess the size of it justified the price. Service was good, and owners seemed really nice.