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Jun 8, 2012 05:54 AM

Wayland restaurant or food delivery?

Hi. I am trying to find a spot in or near Wayland that delivers to Wayland. I want to get a gift card for a dear colleague who is undergoing chemo. Not sure of her exact preferences, but any thoughts on delicious food delivery would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Maxwell's 148 in Natick has a Wednesday afternoon delivery program. It's expensive, but the food is very good and you can specify any preferences/allergies, etc.

    There are also some delivery services such as or which may have restaurants that deliver to Wayland. Hope this helps.

    1. Not a restaurant, but with very good heat-and-serve prepared meals from their in-store kitchens, Roche Bros/Sudbury Farms has a reliable home delivery service that I use sporadically. You order online, no minimum, for a flat delivery charge of $9.95. Often, those junk mail coupon envelopes contain a promo for a free delivery for first-time users. When I did that, along with the delivery came a coupon pamphlet that essentially made the next 4 deliveries free (either outright, or via the inclusion of free items that total around $10, like breakfast components - eggs, juice, English, etc.). A GC for Roche might be more welcome than a particular delivered meal, since neither you nor your friend will know, ahead of time, what will appeal to her and stay down.

      The online inventory does not include EVERYTHING in the store, but probably at least 75%. The instore pickers do a good job of selecting produce and meats according to the preferences the customer indicates. You pick a 3hr delivery window and the cheerful drivers bring everything to your door, no tipping (according to the website - I always tip and the drivers never decline).