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Jun 8, 2012 04:36 AM

Cassis Hotels and Restaurants

My husband and I will be heading to Cassis for a couple of days next week .Any suggestions?

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  1. La stazione. Great pizza pasta and salads

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    1. re: degustazione

      Thank you degustazione,We just got back from dinner at La stazione in Cassis...and it was great! we are here for two more nights if you have any more advice for us.We went by Le Bonaparte and they were closed we will try again.

      1. re: bonesbrunet

        good to hear. other places that were good were the place (I think called "yacht club de cassis" that is on the other side of the harbor near the capitainerie/tourist office; it is especially busy at lunch; and the place next to Nino (I think it's called "la poisonnerie").

        But frankly la stazione was the best place we went to in cassis.

          1. re: degustazione

            Thank you again degustazionw!We just had lunch at poissonerie FABULOUS! We are loving being a part of chowhound...we were new to this and now we are true believers in the knowledge you all possess .Thanks again from Cassis.We head back to Uzes in the AM.

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