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Jun 8, 2012 03:40 AM

Provence Restaurants

My husband and I are in Blauzac for the Month of June, the 10th till the 16th we will be on a bike tour in the same area .We are planning to head to Cassis when we get back from the bike tour.Any suggestions on where to stay and eat in Cassis and any suggestions around our Blauzac area.And or do you all have any ideas for a nice stay at the beach other then Cassis.We have been to Uzes,Nimes & ,Avingnon so Far. I am a newbee on your site...just joined and you all seem to know your stuff.Thanks in advance.

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  1. Any suggestions for Avignon?

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      Hi Tripper.I am trying to find the card.But we parked outside of the wall and walked into Avignon turned right on Fabre Rue Des Lices and turned right on Rue Teinturiers.There are some tables across from the restaurant under some lovely trees I can't remember the name.... but the place next to it was called Vert I believe it had green chairs.If I find it I will let you know.If you are going to Nimes I would highly recommend" Le Resto "and In Uzes..."Terroirs" and 'Le 80 Jours" Enjoy.

    2. Two years ago, I had a great lunch in Cassis at Villa Maddie. It sits just outside of town up on a cliff overlooking the ocean, stunning view. The food was very good, but it is expensive.

      1. bonsebrunet,

        I spend a fair amount of time in Uzès, so I have few suggestions, in addition to Terroirs (for lunch) and 80 Days--although most are not in Uzès proper, where in general I don't think the restaurants are exceptional.

        Castillion-du-Gard: l'Amphytiron--probably best described as "gourmet" (Mario, the owner, is a character.) Also, his wife has a casual little bistro just down the street (les Jarres) where you can have a light lunch outside during a bike ride.

        Gaujac (between Uzès and Bangols-sur-Ceze): la Maison--a (slightly) Asian twist on classic French cooking. Pierre is front of house and his wife is the chef.

        Sanilhac: le Tracteur (look for the red tractor parked outside). Menu changes every day, usually only two starters and two mains, but very, very good. Have had mixed success with their wine list, though. . .

        Uzès: l'Artimise: it's had mixed reviews (particularly on the price/value scale) but we had a very nice lunch there last year and are returning for a birthday celebration in a couple of weeks.

        Nimes: l'Imprévu. We went during the Feria so they had a limited menu, but it's right on the Place d'Assas, just up from the Maison Carrée.

        Avignon: I know where you're talking about on the rue des Teinturiers but there's several restaurants there so I can't be more specific, either. Just off the rue des Teinturiers is Numero 75. Very nice seating in the walled garden. And for a special occasion, Christian Etienne, by the Palais des Papes. (Michelin 1*).

        Also, in Cassis, if you can get a room (there are only three), stay at Nino, which is actually a long-time restaurant and the original owner's son has added three very nice rooms overlooking the harbor. They have website with pictures of the rooms (and the view!)

        Hope this helps!

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          Thank You!!!!WE will take your advice and try to get a room at Nino.We went on a hike and passed b we will go back there to eat.And I will also try the places you recommended in Uzes.Thank you again dpdapper you were very! helpful.

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            We will be spending one week based in Maubec (west Luberon) and the second week in Vaison la Romaine.

            Can you please recommend a couple of reliable places in each of those areas for a relaxed dinner in a casual setting that are also family-friendly but featuring typical provancal fare?

            Also we would like to take out prepared food to eat in. Can you recommend a place to do that type of shopping nearby?


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              For your stay in Maubec, I'd recommend l'Auberge des Carrières in les Taillades, la Ferme de la Huppe in Gordes, l'Auberge de Cheval Blanc in Cheval Blanc (not to be confused with restaurants of similar name in the surrounding area). As for prepared food, go to Maison Gouin in Coustellet (open Sunday mornings in addition to regular business hours). Also in Coustellet is the restaurant Babouchka, if you're in the mood for Moroccan food: delicious tajine or pastilla (the latter to be ordered in advance).
              Note: there's also a Super U (supermarket) in Coustellet, where you can probably also get some prepared foods, plus a Sunday market where you can buy a rotisserie chicken (among other items). Be sure to check both sides of the D900 for market vendors.