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Jun 8, 2012 02:57 AM

Need one more Paris restaurant - help please


Headed to Paris first week of July for 4 days and need help picking a restaurant for our last night. Also, input on the current dining plan is welcome. Traveling with husband and 20 year old twins, all of us foodies. And it's the kids first time in Paris. Here's the plan so far:

- Lunch at Comptoir du Relais or at L'Avant next door
- Dinner at Fish (La Boissonnerie)- will only do drinks and light dinner/snack if we have full lunch at Comptoir

- Lunch at Le Cinq for husband & I (kids off on tour of city)
- Dinner at La Regalade St. Honore - (would normally not do Le Cinq and La Regalade on same day but kids want a substantial dinner that night --the things we do for our offspring!)

- Morning food tour of Montmarte w Meg Zimbeck--tastes and snacks during the tour
- Dinner - Chez L'Ami Jean

- Day at Versailles
- Dinner??

Additional details:

- For our last night I would like a restaurant with a more modern style of French cuisine since the other choices (except Le Cinq) are more traditional brasserie/ hearty type fare. I would like to keep it to 60 -120 E per person. I want to walk out of the meal saying wow, this is a place I want to come back to.
- A friend suggested Gaya (she had 2 excellent meals there in April) but I cannot find any feedback re Gaya on Chowhound.
- We are staying in the 6th but are willing to travel and don't mind walking a couple of miles for a post dinner stroll
- We eat everything; however I do have a shellfish allergy --but I find that I can generally work around it. For this trip we are not that interested in Asian fusion cuisine (from Northern California, eat alot of good Asian food and some fusion here)
- The 20 year olds are comfortable in both fine dining and trendy/happening environments.
- Both Le Cinq and Chez L'Ami Jean are repeats from a trip last year (thank you Chowhounders for both recommendations.)

I have combed the boards for the last week and have failed to hone in on an obvious choice for our last night---suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I went to Gaya a couple of years ago and liked it; I mean to go back again.

    Remember that it's a fish/seafood centric restaurant and is quite "modern".

    1. I strongly suggest Le Chatomat in the 20th. Its lovely, tiny, incredibly well priced, and the staff are friendly beyond expectations for Paris. You will need a reservation at least two weeks in advance, three might be better. Could not recommend it more highly. Found it to be just as good as places like Verjus, Septime, and Vivant, especially for the price (although the wine at Vivant still makes it worth it).

      1. My two favorites in Paris for modern French cuisine are Agape Substance and Passage 53, I've been to both several times, and each dinner has been superb.

        1. Two places we visited twice during our Apr/May visit that might fit your criteria are Neva Cuisine and Auberge du 15.

          1. Le Comptoir du Relais = OK if you show up early enough before lunchtime but I suppose you know that already. L'Avant-Comptoir is better for a snack.
            Gaya I'd recommend too.
            Fish La Boissonnerie has gone seriously downhill since the chef left for Albion (right bank). I'd recommend Semilla, just across the street.
            La Régalade Saint-Honoré, well, okay. If I really wanted good food as well as a substantial dinner, I'd pick Les Jalles, rue des Capucines. Flawless cooking. Come to think of it, that might be the last-night choice you're looking for. Please be warned that it's a bit on the expensive side.

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              We had dinner at Les Jalles last month. I certainly agree that it's a better choice than La Regalade, which I find merely acceptable in terms of food and especially in terms of atmosphere. Les Jalles is a great space with great lighting and a very good menu.

              1. re: Ptipois

                I a very much in agreement with Ptipois. With Le Comptoir show up at 12:00 or after 2:00 and it is easier. It will be interesting to see what happens to Fish now Drew and Juan have Semilla up and running, I would try Semilla myself, but I believe they have settled down their cheffing teams Fish may rebound.

                As for Gaya - it used to be a favourite of mine, especially to sit at the bar (at least book the ground floor room). That is before the then chef headed off and opened Jadis. It is a Gagnaire restaurant and Pierre does rotate some of his staff from his 3 star restaurant through Gaya for experience so I would expect the kitchen team to be good and standards to remain excellent.