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Quiet dinner London SW1/Pimlico/Victoria

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I've enjoyed Thomas Cubitt, Pantechnicon, Orange, Botanist, and the local pubs but need a quiet place for a nice (but not quite Zafferano or Santini level) dinner with an old friend. What am I missing?

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  1. I like Hunan and Tinello in that area.

    1. I second brokentelephone - between those suggestions and the places you've already visited I think thats about it. Unfortunately it's not the most exciting area for food.

      Actually, Gastronomica on Tachbrook Street is also a nice spot for Italian meats/cheeses and wine - (slightly grim setting though)

      The Admiral Codrington isn't too far if youre already at Sloane Sq

      1. Le Cercle is on the outer edge of your range, but I was very impressed with food, service and price when I visited a couple of years ago. Quillon, which again I've only been to for lunch, does the upscale Indian thing quite well in my view, but my London Indian experience is a bit limited. And I'll third Hunan.

        1. The Ebury Wine Bar is a lovely spot to spend a couple of informal hours. Caraffini in Lower Sloane Street is rather swisher, and excellent IMO.



          1. Used to live in Pimlico for 3 years. Le pou au pot is great - but can be pricey. My favourite for a relaxing time is Grumbles - a bistro with a good selection of wine at cheap prices.

            1. Tinello delights on all fronts, small plates if you want, lovely surroundings, chic neighbourhood clientele and off the radar with crowds. Love the idea of small plates ,half-pastas which allows you to try lots of dishes, and they have an organic, locavore focus. Excellent wine list. Glam, too.

              1. If you're eating dinner in the Sloane Square area, stroll over to William Curley for a multi-course chocolate dessert tasting afterwards.

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                  I'm only seeing tea on their website, am I just blind or is this called something else?

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                    Seems that their menu is only listed at the store, it's not on their website. Perhaps worth calling them for details.