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Jun 7, 2012 09:26 PM

Sunday Smashed Burger

I didn't think it would be difficult to find freshly ground burgers, smashed would be best, on a Sunday for 3 old diners (60's to 80's). We need to sit down together to eat, not on tall wobbly stools facing a ledge and a wall. All I can find are either closed on Sunday or have no social seating. Can anyone help? West of Yonge is preferred for a Sunday afternoon. Alcohol is not required but great burgers are.

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  1. Golden Star Restaurant. If You can travel just north of Steels Ave @ Doncaster Ave on the East side of Yonge St is an old school burger joint. Easy comfortable seating.
    Get the 6oz Homeburger. Great fries and onion rings too.Beer is available in the event you wanted it. Good old fashioned family joint. Nothing fancy..Oh Yeah Cash Only.....

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    1. re: Porto

      Golden Star did come to mind since I used to be a regular many years ago and enjoyed the homeburger (and Brador). It was the distance that made me put it on the 'maybe' list. One of the diners is in from out of town and had heard of last week's Burger Week and was hoping to try a new place.

      1. re: Porto

        Have to disagree...Golden Star was great maybe 5-10 years ago. Now burgers on par cooked, overly seasoned ad well past it's prime...just muy $.02 worth.

        1. re: robb

          Agreed. I go there about once every two years or so since it gets so much love on the board. I've never enjoyed it. The only seasoning I want in or on my meat is salt and pepper.

          1. re: OTFOODIE

            I went to Golden Star about a couple of weeks ago and it was far, far better than I remembered it being. I'm not sure if I just got lucky or what, but my burger was extremely juicy and wasn't seasoned with anything beyond salt and pepper.

            I think I need to go back to see if it was a fluke, as I'm starting to wonder if I just got one from a batch where they forgot to mix the other stuff in.

            However for the purposes of the OP, Golden Star wouldn't quite fit the bill -- it is grilled, not smashed.

        2. re: Porto

          Tried Golden Star for the first time recently after hearing a lot of glowing reviews and found it pretty subpar. Patty was overcooked and I have no idea how they managed to construct a bun that disintegrates so quickly. Fries were inedible, though the shake was pretty good.

        3. 5 Guys is the best option for Sunday, but will require some travel.

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          1. re: robb

            Yes, 5 Guys is a place I want to try, but coming from southern Etobicoke it really is a long trip for a hamburger.

            1. re: nastyman

              There's on at Weston & 7. I don't see what the fuss is about. I didn't enjoy the burger there.

              1. re: OTFOODIE

                I've been to the 5G's at Weston and 7 (Not good), Warden and Eglinton (really good) and Yonge and Green Lane (Also really good).

                Consistency is an issue with these guys.


                1. re: Davwud

                  But these guys source corporately, so why would the cheese vary? The cheese on my burger was a bland paste.

                    1. re: Davwud

                      I don't know as I have only been to Weston & 7. You are saying that the other two locations are good and I said in my post below replying to DDD that the cheese is a bad, bland rendition of APC that would ruin any burger. Compared to the APC used at BP and HC this stuff is tasteless emulsion.

          2. I did notice a very expensive $18 dollar burger (with fries) at the Drake Hotel. Does anyone think it's incredibly good and worth the money? It is open for brunch on Sundays, it's in an area close to me, but I'd heard there's a bit of an attitude that might impact us senior 'un-hipsters'.

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            1. re: nastyman

              I find the Drake to be 100% welcoming of all ages. That being said, if you are considering a plump burger, rather than smashed, it is my opinion that L'ouvrier is putting out the best in town right now, right up there with Harbord. Drake burger is just OK in my opinion, and I am a large Drake fan.

              L'ouvrier 791 Dundas Street West of Bathurst

              1. re: justsayn

                I'd never heard of this place. Looks good for food, seating, and location for us on Sunday. I've given up on finding the 'smashed' style burger and I'm willing to try anything that's basically freshly cooked meat. I'm going to forward some links about the place to my companions and see what they think. Thanks.

            2. Canteen in the Bell Lightbox at King and John would suit good burgers great atmosphere for all ages Miranda

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              1. re: miranda

                I hadn't considered Canteen so I'm glad you got me to have a look at it. It may be too corporate for us and the burger is pretty much buried in the large menu rather than a featured item. I didn't notice any fries listed with the burger and none specified as a side order. I need fries with a burger. I'll share this suggestion too and see how the group responds. Thanks for the idea.

              2. Not a smashed burger, but the burger a Barque's Smokehouse on Roncesvalles is excellent- one of the best I've ever had. The tap beers are McAuslan/St. Amboise. NIce ambiance yoo.

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                1. re: OTFOODIE

                  Yes, this may be it! Even has a patio if the weather's good. Excellent.

                  1. re: nastyman

                    Also in the Etobicoke region are Royal Meats, Apache and soon 5 Guys (I saw the sign today in the are north of sherway gardens on North Queen St.

                    1. re: DDD

                      I like Royal Meats, but they are a different style of burger than nastyman is looking for. First, they are not beef; they are a blend of veal and pork. Second, they are not smashed. Third, they are grilled, not griddled. That being said, their burger with just onions (they are very thinly sliced) and tomato with extra slat and pepper is a very tasty sandwich, I like the thin, light bun they use, although it was even better before it was changed a while back. Cheese and bacon are not options. Opinions on this place on this board vary widely.

                      I am known for not liking American Processed Cheese, but the version on 5 Guys is flavourless goo. At least the cheese at BP or HC has some flavour and tang to it, which works with the fatty meat. (Yes, that is a small concession for those that have argued with me. Real cheddar is still vastly superior IMNSHO.) If you do go to 5 Guys, and are eating in, tell them not to wrap it, or the bun will turn to mush, by the time you open it. The fries are good and the fountain drinks are bottomless, but they are at the same price point as BP and HC. If you're at the 5 Guys in Woodbridge, you are far better off spending you money at Panini - different style of food, admittedly, but much tastier.

                      Personally, I've never liked Apache Burger. It falls in the same category as Golden Star for me - I go there rarely to try to see if my previous opinion can be changed, without success to date. I could be wrong, but my impression is that people that like Apache, also like Golden Star and Johnnie's. I'd rather eat other types of food if my only choice for burgers were these three.

                      1. re: OTFOODIE

                        I have no idea why Johnie's is operating. Rude service, hot, bad parking, and the most important thing; bad, bad burgers.

                        So far Goody's Diner and Starr burger are the only places that I enjoy, crave a burger from.

                      2. re: DDD

                        That's great news DDD, save me trekking to Mississauga.