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Jun 7, 2012 08:54 PM

Barcelona as a visitor (with young kids!- gulp!). Much resarch has been done, now there are questions - please help!

After doing quite a bit of research on this board and elsewhere on the net, I’m now coming to CH for all of your sage advice! Our family of four will be in Barcelona at the beginning of July with our children 5 & 2 ½. Their ability to sit and have a meal that lasts more than 45 minutes really depends on a lot of different factors, but the 2 year old gets antsy and likes to walk around if there isn't "entertainment". I plan on letting both kids use ipods as a self preservation method for my husband and I (otherwise we'll be eating most of our meals at a park). Handing over the ipod is not something I’ve tried for restaurants at home (but they do use them for car rides that are more than 2 hours, so I know they’ll use them).

We are staying at a hotel on the Rambla and arrive in the afternoon on a Saturday. I’m thinking we’ll want to walk somewhere for dinner – I was thinking Tapeo, Origens 99.9 or Ceverceria Catalana?

Sunday Grab breakfast at Bar Lobo (or ?), tour the Sagrada and then hopefully can get a reservation at Kaiku for that afternoon & then wander along be the beach for the rest of the day….. and for dinner or snacks later? I’m up for suggestions. Also, how far ahead should one book at Kaiku?

Is there some sort of market (besides the Boqueria-which will be closed) that will be open on Sunday near our hotel where I can buy snacks for the room & other things like diapers?

We will have a stroller with us sometimes to help with the long walks, it’s not a big one, but slightly bigger than an umbrella stroller & I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with how accommodating restaurants are with letting us put it somewhere inside if we fold it up.

We are fortunate to have a friend of a friend that is going to babysit for us for up to three nights of our stay. We have reservations at Tickets on a Tuesday. I was thinking Cal Pep on Monday night (or is this a place where we could attempt it with our kids for lunch or dinner?) We also have a reservation at Comerc 24 (without kids) on Wednesday night, but I was thinking maybe Cinc Sentis or Hysop? There are so many amazing looking places and not a lot of time! Doesn’t even need to be fancy- want someplace with fantastic food – it does not need to be fancy or even look pretty. Lively room is a plus, but we love finding hole in the wall places at home with amazing food & when traveling it’s no different.

We were also thinking of taking a day trip to Sitges (kids love beaches & trains ☺). Any lunch recommendations there?

Thank you in advance for your help. I promise to post our experiences post travels to help future travelers with kids!

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  1. Also wondering if there are any good places for a meal or snack near Bogatell beach? Thanks again!

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      Catamaran, Xiringuito Escriba on playa Bogatell both do good paella

    2. "Is there some sort of market (besides the Boqueria-which will be closed) that will be open on Sunday near our hotel where I can buy snacks for the room & other things like diapers?"

      Hi, all of Barcelona's 43 markets will be closed on Sunday. Bakeries and patisseries will be open — but only until midday.
      You'll find a few fruit and veg shops open until, say, 4pm, and a few mini-supermercados (many of which sell fruit and veg) open until 11pm or later.
      And, there's always Open Cor, (a branch of the large El Corte Ingles department store) which has 18 stores across the city and are open from 7am to 1am —and some from 8am until 2am. Open Cor sells pretty much everything you could need in terms of groceries, (fresh, frozen, dried and tinned) bread, and toiletries — as well as electrical equipment (incl. travel plug adapters), books, newspapers, toys, sweets, beer, wines and spirits — However, they are expensive, usually around 30% more than regular supermarkets. Here's a link to a list of Open Cor stores in Barcelona:
      " I was thinking Cal Pep on Monday night "
      I may be wrong — but I'm reasonably sure that Cal Pep is closed on Mondays. Best check.
      If going to Sitges then you may want to try La Paradeta - fun, informal, inexpensive, seafood diner.
      Happy travels — enjoy Barcelona.

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        Pastisseria La Colmena on Plaça de l'Àngel, 12, is open on Sundays from 9am-9pm.

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          Hi, that's good to know — only three metro stops distant. But useful gen.
          For me, it's easier to go immediately next door to OpenCor or, if before 1pm on Sunday, La Boulangerie.
          I think there are only 4 bakeries left in the city which actually make their own bread —

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            My favorite bread bakery is Baluard in Barceloneta, but alas, they are not open on Sundays!

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          Thank you for the information regarding Open Cor. Also, the Cal Pep website says they are open Monday Dinner (but not lunch).

        3. Hi, me again — forgot to mention Re: strollers — you will have no problems whatsoever with restaurants and strollers.

          1. I love Cal Pep, but it is one long counter, which means it may not be convenient for family dining. Tapas bars like Euskal Etxea and Bilbao Berria may be better: good food, immediate service, informal.

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              Great! This is exactly the kind of information I need. I'm sure my five year old can deal with a stool at a counter. I was thinking of sitting the 2 year old on my lap if we end up somewhere that this is the only option. Opinions?

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                "I was thinking of sitting the 2 year old on my lap if we end up somewhere that this is the only option. Opinions?"
                It is a small narrow conter-restaurant, with people waiting right behind you. Your call. Some people can't stand being jostled. Others practically thrive on it, LOL. I don't mind so much.
                Also, Pep often asks people to move 2 places to the right, 3 places to the left, etc. to accommodate other parties. We quite liked it and always started talking - and sharing dishes - with the other diners. Not a scene for everyone.

            2. Hello,
              I am planning our trip in September with our 3 yr old so I have many of your constraints. For your first evening meal what time do you need to eat and how far do can you walk. From the info available online ciudad condal and cerverceria catalan are open all day, another place that I think is not bad,for all it's a chain, is taller de tapas, which has English menus and can be ok depending n what you order.Tapeo I think only has high bar stools and is quite small inside so unless you have a clip on child seat I am not sure how easy it would be to balance a child. El Xampanyet if you can. get a table is child friendly and I really like their cold tapas. For Sunday breakfast what about Bar Kasparo which is not far away from your hotel it's on a square placa Vincenc which has a play area. I think it has Australian owners and the breakfast selection includes muesli's and toast as well as more traditional breakfast items. We might go to Federal cafe in Sant Antoni which i s a bit further away but opens at nine and looks pretty cool. We were then going to wander round the coin and book market before heading down to the beach or to Barri gotic. If you are at the Parc Ciutadella or the beach keep in mind Kiosko burger which could be quite handy for a snack.