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Now Open: Sunflower Farmers Market (soon to be Sprouts Farmers Market), Fremont

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Checked out Sunflower Farmers Market on Day 2 Thursday 6/7/12. It's in the old Barnes & Noble location on Mowry Ave @ Fremont Blvd, Fremont.

It's got very narrow aisles for 2 people to fit is pretty tough. They have a bakery, seafood, meat section, bulk stuff, salt water taffy $3.49/lb, wine, beer, cheeses, frozen foods, health care products, etc. Lots of high-end items normally found at Whole Foods like Amy's frozen food, lots of Organic stuff, etc.

Olive bar $8.99/lb - cool
No Made-to-Order sandwiches - they have premade ones, or they can slice the meat for you. I saw pre-made sandwiches like Tuna Salad Sandwiches on sale $2.99 (reg. $3.99); Premade salads.
Sale Tilapia Fillets $4.99/lb
Sale Salmon fillets $6.99/lb
I wanted to get Rainbow Chard 2 bunches $4
Alden's ice cream from Oregon $6.99

Stuff I bought:
1lb strawberrries from Salinas $2; you don't have to buy 2 for $4.
Cherries sale price 99c/lb pre-bagged. I got 2 bags $2.04 & $1.80.
Lentils $1.49
Couscous bought from the bulk bins $2.99/lb; I got 1.23lb = $3.68
Clover fat free organic milk $5.99

If you bring your own bag get 10c per bag off your receipt! People in front of me brought 3 bags = .30c off, smart. Charge it!

Parking sucks, I will park by Fremont Bank or the Fremont Hub & walk over.

Shop Wednesdays! Double Ad Day!

Will be a Sprouts store in a few months - Sprouts bought out Sunflower Farmers Market.

Daily 7am-11pm

Stores coming to Mtn View & SJ coming soon

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  1. I went on Day 1 just to look around, and it was a mad house. I'll return to do some actual shopping in a few weeks. I was interested in the tilapia fillets, until I saw that they were from China.